Office of the President

Welcome to California State University, Los Angeles

Photo of President James M. Rosser in commencement robe.
As we move toward our 100th anniversary, we enter a new millennium as
well. Now, more than ever, students must achieve a solid foundation in
the critical skills of thinking, communicating and problem solving. The
University continues to provide that foundation, considering it the most
important aspect of our academic tradition. We believe that this
enrichment will ensure the success of our students in the rapidly
changing landscape of the 21st Century.

Cal State L.A.'s commitment to academic excellence provides you with
unlimited learning opportunities. Our faculty, considered some of the
most gifted and honored educators in the nation, is dedicated to
developing the potential of each student. The University works to
facilitate student-professor interaction, strengthen individual learning
and enhance team-building. The diversity and varied learning and social
experiences that abound at Cal State L.A. are equally important for
educational enrichment. We strongly believe that these conditions are
essential for success in a world of formidable tasks and

Over the last half-century, Cal State L.A. has created an environment
where graduates have become successful leaders, creators, reformers,
workers, service providers, productive citizens, and supportive family
members. They continue to carry on the University's mission to build a
just society that is invigorating in its variety and diversity and
respectful of both the individual and the values shared by the society.

For all students at California State University, Los Angeles, the opportunities
are equally boundless. We look forward to helping you participate fully
in the promise of the next century at Cal State L.A.

James M. Rosser