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      Education Specialist Credential in VI

      The Education Specialist credential program in Visual Impairment and Blindness is a two level program that consists of preliminary credential and clear credential courses. For information on admissions, visit Future Students.  Generally speaking, to complete the preliminary credential, full-time students take courses for about two years or 6-7 quarters. To earn a preliminary credential, candidates in the program take a number of core courses in general education and special education and specialization courses in visual impairments. 

      Upon completion of the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential in Visual Impairment and Blindness program, candidates may continue their education and complete the Clear Credential Program in Visual Impairment and Blindness. Clear Credential Program courses include courses that assist candidates in creating and carrying out a professional Induction plan. As part of the Induction plan candidates complete two to three specialization courses, in which candidates complete advanced fieldwork components. These fieldwork components require students to use assessment data to create and carry out a data-based instructional plan that includes evidenced-based practices and monitor student progress. The culminating project ends with an analysis of progress monitoring data and reflection for future instruction.

      A list of courses in the Preliminary and Clear credential program cam be found below.

      Preliminary Credential Courses

      Core Courses

      • EDSP 400 Foundations in Special Education (4 units)

      • EDSP 408 Cognitive Linguistic Processes in Individuals with Special Needs (4 units)

      • EDSP 409 Assessment for Individuals with Exceptional Needs in Diverse Educational Settings (4 units)

      • EDEL 415 Proseminar: Curriculum and Teaching of Reading (4 units)

      • EDEL 417 Proseminar: Curriculum and Teaching of Mathematics (4 units)

      • EDSP 407/489 Demonstration of Instructional Competencies (6 units)

      Specialization Courses

      • EDSP 465 Medical Aspects of Visual Impairment (3 units)

      • EDSP 465L Functional Vision Assessment Lab (1 unit)

      • EDSP 466 Literary Braille Code and Strategies for Learners with Visual Impairment (4 units)

      • EDSP 466L Learning Media Assessment Lab (1 unit)

      • EDSP 468 Working with Students who are Visually Impaired and Who Have Additional Disabilities (2 units)

      • EDSP 469 Psychological, Sociological, and Vocational Implications of Visual Impairment and Blindness (4 units)

      • EDSP 566 Advanced Braille Codes and Strategies for Learners with Visual Impairment (4 units)

      • EDSP 568 Functional Skills for Students with Visual Impairments (2 units)

      • EDSP 570A/B Low Incidence Early Childhood Special Education (4 units)

      • EDSP 407/489 Directed Teaching (12 units)

      Clear Credential Courses

      • EDSP 595A Induction Course  (2 units)

      • EDSP 567 Specialized Strategies for Struggling Readers and English Language Learners Who are Visually Impaired (4 units; includes a fieldwork component)

      • EDSP 569 Specialized Technology for Individuals with Visual Impairment (4 units; includes a fieldwork component)

      • Elective/s 2-4 units - Recommended Elective  EDSP 565 Advanced Issues in Visual Impairment (4 units; includes a fieldwork component)

      • EDSP 595B Induction Course (2 units)