CSULA | Veterans Affairs | Veterans Support Services Team

Admissions Fabiola Paz-Perez Transfer Evaluator 3-5186 ADM 230
Advisement Angel Chan Veteran Academic Advisor 3-3150 Library Palmer Wing
Advisement Marcia Murota Director 3-3150 Library Palmer Wing
Benefits Lianne Salerno VA Certifying Official 3-3940 ADM 401
Business and Economics Dr. Phillip Thomas Faculty 3-2983 Simpson Tower F603
Career Center Brenda Aguilar Student Employment Coordinator 3-3277 Career Development Center
Cashiers Frank Tovar Veteran Support 3-3630 ADM 128
Cross-Cultural Center Frederick Smith Director 3-5001 University Student Union
EOP Art Estrada Pre-Admission Counseling 3-4367 SA 215
EOP Becky Hopkins Director 3-3467 SA 215
Financial Aid Rhoda Posey Associate Director 3-6260 SA 124
Health Center Monica Jazzabi Director 3-3301 Health Center
Housing Stephen Fleischer Director 3-4800 Housing Phase II
Office for Students with Disabilities Kimberly Clapp Director 3-3140 ADM 127
Outreach and Recruitment Marco Urias Recruiter 3-3899 SA 123
Records Lourdes Hernandez Veterans Support 3-3840 ADM 409
Special Education and Counseling Dr. Martin Brodwin Faculty 3-4440 King Hall C1034
Student Veteran's Organization Dr. Frances Siu Faculty Advisor 3-4428 King Hall C1034
Tutoring Center Howard Masuda Director 3-3971 Library Palmer Wing
Undergraduate Studies Steven Jones Associate Dean 3-3830 ADM 725
Writing Center Lise Buranen Director 3-5359 Library Palmer Wing