In Memorian

In Memorian

Howard H. Earle, (Emeritus, Criminal Justice, 1975-1993),
died of cancer at the age of 66. Earle, who had an illustrious
career in law enforcement, received his bachelor’s, master’s
and Ph.D. degrees from USC. A Sheriff’s Department deputy,
he rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming Assistant Sheriff
in 1972. He joined the Criminal Justice Department in 1975, subsequently
serving as chair. He authored three textbooks and was an international
consultant in his field. In 1993 he was a delegate to the Beijing
International Police Science Research Exchange Program. He is
survived by his daughter, Debra, sons Lawrence and Brad, stepson
Dean, and seven grandchildren.

Jessie Gustafson, (Emerita, Business and Economics,
) died on July 16 at the age of 95. She joined the
Los Angeles State College of Applied Arts and Sciences faculty
in 1952. Gustafson organized the Department of Business Education
and served as its first chair, laying the groundwork for one of
California’s outstanding business education programs.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at USC, she taught
at Fullerton Junior College and managed the student branch of
Security National Bank. Gustafson found banking and teaching so
challenging that she remained at Fullerton at 13 years. She completed
her doctorate at UCLA in 1952 and came to CSLA, where she remained
until her retirement in 1967.

Elise S. Hahn, a professor of Speech Pathology in the
(then) Dept. of Speech Communication and Drama, 1963-77, died
at the age of 84. She taught at UCLA for 18 years, retiring in
1980. She was president of the Speech Association of America,
receiving national and state awards. She received a B.A. from
UCLA, M.A. from Wayne University and Ph.D. from Northwestern University.
She is survived by her longtime companion Laurie Schumann, her
son Eugene, and three grandchildren.

Carolyn Johnson (Sociology) passed away on November
18, 1995. She had been a secretary with the Department of Physics
and Astronomy since August 1987, prior to joining Sociology in
1994. She is remembered by students, faculty and staff as a sincere
and compassionate human being whose courage helped her remain
conscientious and dedicated to her work in spite of her illness.

Dan Rankin (Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering)
passed away in December 1995. He joined the Mechanical Engineering
faculty in September 1960 after a long and distinguished career
in industry. In 1977 he retired after 17 years of distinguished
service. He continued to teach part-time through 1980. Rankin
served two terms as chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department,
1965 -1970. He is survived by his wife Lola.