Honors and Appointments

Honors and Appointments

Kenneth Anderson (Biology and Microbiology) was
appointed President, Southern California Branch of the American
Society for Microbiology, 1995-1997.

Daniel N. Crecelius (History) has been selected
to receive a Fulbright grant for research at the Alexandria University
in Alexandria, Egypt.

Marilyn M. Friedman (Nursing) was appointed to
the Education Committee of the National Organization of Nurse
Practitioner Faculties in 1995. She was also selected as the Executive
Director/Coordinator of the Southern California Consortium of
Practitioner Education, a regional planning organization, effective
in 1995. Friedman is administering a $100,000 grant awarded to
SCCOPE by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and
Development. With these funds, 15 primary care practitioner program
directors/coordinators are developing and participating in regional
curricular activities.

Bernardo P. Gallegos (Educational Foundations and Interdivisional
was appointed president-elect for the American Educational
Studies Association for 1995-96; elected president of History
of Reading, SIG, for the International Reading Association, 1994-95.
His book, Literacy Education and Society in New Mexico, 1693-1821,
received the Critics Choice Book Award from American Educational
Studies Association for 1994-95.

G. Shizuko Herrera (Theatre Arts and Dance) was
included in the Fall 1995 Theatre Communications Group, Inc. Artist
, which focuses on artists of color. This is a resource
bulletin of directors, designers and choreographers identified
through nominations from artistic directors and other prominent
theatre artists across the country. The artists that have been
included are those of national recognition, those with considerable
experience in a particular region, and emerging artists.

Joan Johnson (Emerita, Physical Education) has
been selected as a 1996 member of the Intercollegiate Tennis Associations’
Women’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame at the College of
William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. This is only the second
year of the honor’s existence.

Ellen Kravitz (Music) was selected for the following:
International Who’s Who in Music, 15th ed., 1996;
Who’s Whoin the World, 12th ed., 1995-96; Who’s Who
in America, 50th ed., 1996-97; Who’s Who in the West, 25th
ed., 1996-97; Who’s Whoof American Women, 19th ed., 1995-96;
elected Treasurer of Pacific Southwest Chapter of the American
Musicological Society, Spring 1995 (2 year term 1995-97).

Craig Kupka (Theatre Arts and Dance) won Downbeat
magazine’s award for Contributions to Jazz Education, 1995;
was nominated for the Robert Runge Award for Excellence in Music
Education, 1995; was selected for Who’s Who Among American
1996; was nominated for a Bravo Award for Outstanding
Arts Education by the Los Angeles Music Center Bravo Award Committee,
Feb. 1996.

Linda Orozco Martisko (Administration and Counseling)
was appointed as Associate Editor of CAPEA Journal (California
Association of Professors of Educational Administration), effective
Jan. 1996.

President James M. Rosser received the Almansor Center
Take Charge of Learning Success Award at the Institute for the
Redesign of Learning Gala Recognition Dinner, Los Angeles, CA,
May 16, 1995 (also honored for their contributions to education
were Jane Goodall, Delane Eastin, Paul Rodriguez and Sugar Ray
Leonard); was recognized for the Los Angeles Urban League Volunteer
Service Award at the Los Angeles Urban League Annual Membership
Luncheon, Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 29, 1995; received the 1995 Diversity
Conference Educator Achievement Award, National Science Foundation,
Washington, DC, Sept. 23, 1995; was awarded the Watts Foundation
Community Trust Education Award at the Birdell Chew Moore Scholarship
Dinner, Century City, CA, Oct. 5, 1995; was appointed corporate
secretary for Los Angeles Metropolitan Project, effective March
1995; was named chair of the National Science Foundation, Directorate
of Education and Human Resources Advisory Committee, effective
Nov. 1995.

Barbara Sinclair (Nursing) was appointed
Editor-in-Chief of Capsules and Comments in Perinatal
and Women’s Health Nursing
. The inaugural edition was
published Mar. 1995 by Mosby, Inc.