Professional Activities

Professional Activities

Sidney Albert (Emeritus,
was advisor to the director and actors of a production
of Shaw’s Major Barbara by A Noise Within,
a professional repertory theater company, Glendale, CA, Oct.-Nov.

Hema Chari (English) presented a paper, “Psychoanalysis
and Postcolonialism: Nation Identity Self,” for the Psychoanalysis
and Postcolonialism conference held in Washington, DC, Oct. 12-14,

Barbara Clark (Center for Effective Teaching and
Learning/Special Education)
made the following presentations
to scholarly and professional audiences: “Seven Steps to
Optimizing Learning,” for the 11th World Conference for Gifted
and Talented Children, Hong Kong, China, July 30-Aug. 4, 1995;
delivered the keynote address, “Unlimited Potential,”
for the China Meeting of the 11th World Conference of Gifted and
Talented Children, Beijing, Peoples’ Republic of China, Aug.
5-8, 1995; “Using Intuitive Brain Functions to Support Learning,”
and “Parenting Gifted Children: Nurturing Excellence,”
for the 42nd Annual Convention of the National Association for
Gifted Children, Tampa, FL, Nov. 1995; presented “Steps to
Optimizing Learning” and “Developing Differentiated
Curriculum,” and the keynote address, “Implications
of Brain Research for Education,” for the Annual Conference
of the Nebraska Association for the Gifted, Lincoln NE, Feb. 22-23,
1996; presented the Annual Jean Delp Lecture, “Intuition,
A Dimension of Creativity,” at the 34th Annual Conference
of the California Association for the Gifted, Hilton Hotel, Los
Angeles, CA, Mar. 2, 1996; delivered keynote addresses, “Seven
Steps to Optimizing Learning,” and “Parenting Giftedness:
Nurturing Excellence,” and two follow-up sessions, for the
New Jersey Association for Gifted Children annual conference at
Princeton, NJ, Mar. 8-9, 1996.

Stephanie Evans (Educational
Foundations and Interdivisional Studies)
conducted the conference
and workshop, “Multiculturalism,” for The Buckley School,
Los Angeles, CA, Spring 1996.

Frank A. Gomez (Chemistry
and Biochemistry
) with J.N. Mirkovich, V.M. Dominguez, S.
Matjan, and D.M. Macias, presented the paper, “A Multiple-Plug
Binding Assay Using Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis,”
for the 8th International Symposium on High Performance Capillary
Electrophoresis, Orlando, FL, Jan. 1996; as an invited lecturer
presented “Capillary Electrophoresis: Novel Applications”
to the Department of Chemistry, Southern Methodist University,
Mar. 20, 1996; with students E.S. Kwak and J. Kawaoka,
made a presentation, “Determination of Cyclodextrin-Adamantane
Carboxylic Acid Binding Using Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis,”
for Abstracts of the 1996 Undergraduate Research Conference, Santa
Barbara, CA, Apr. 1996.

Steven LaDochy (Geography and
Urban Analysis)
presented a paper, “On a Clear Day, You
Can See L.A.,” at the 1996 annual meeting of the Association
of American Geographers, Charlotte, NC, Apr. 8, 1996.

Richard T. Keys (Chemistry and Biochemistry) presented a paper,
“The Use of Microwave Ovens in the Undergraduate Quantitative
Analysis Lab,” that he co-authored with Gary Coyne
(Chemistry and Biochemistry) and students Ali Safarzedeh
and Marquis Patrick, for the Southwest Analytical Professors,
CSU San Francisco, CA, Feb. 2, 1996.

Joy K. Lee (English)
presented a paper, “Performance and Subversion of Identity
in David H. Hwang’s M. Butterfly,” for MELUS
(Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature in the U.S.),
University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC, Apr. 6, 1996.

Richard Maddox (Early Entrance Program) was an invited presenter
at Rockwell International Corporation’s fifth annual Educational
Enrichment Day, Feb., 1996. He spoke to nearly 600 teachers representing
246 schools and 85 cities, on issues related to educating the
young and gifted student.

Rosemarie Marshall (Biology
and Microbiology)
presented two invited lectures: “Faculty
Roles, Responsibilities, Challenges and Rewards: Working Toward
the New Baccalaureate,” at the Statewide Academic Conference,
Long Beach, CA, Feb. 16-17, 1996; “Tenure and the Periodic
Evaluation of Tenured Faculty, for the National Council of Deans
and Council of Faculty at the American Association of Colleges
of Pharmacy, Mar. 3, 1996.

Caroline McManus (English)
participated in the workshop, “Reconstructing Shakespearean
Performance,” at the Shakespeare World Congress, Los Angeles,
CA, Apr. 7 - 13, 1996.

Linda OrozcoMartisko (Administration
and Counseling)
presented the paper, “School Administrators
and Technology,” for the National Conference of American
Association of School Administrators, San Diego, CA, Mar. 10, 1996.

Lawrence McGlinn (Geography and Urban Analysis)
presented a paper, “The Interstate Transport of Hazardous
Waste,” held at the 1996 annual meeting of the Association
of American Geographers, Charlotte, NC, Apr. 8, 1996.

Louis R. Negrete (Chicano Studies) was selected by President
Clinton to participate in a White House Leadership Conference
on Youth, Drug Use and Violence, Washington, DC, Mar. 7, 1996.
The conference was attended by leaders from throughout the United
States. Negrete, a senior leader in the United Neighborhoods Organization
and chair of the strategy team for Hope in Youth, was chosen for
his involvement with community-based multiracial and interfaith
programs and government/private sector/religious community partnerships
aimed at reducing youth violence.

Gilbert Romero (Campus
delivered a series of lectures, “Cultural
Symbolism and Biblical Interpretation,” for returned missionaries
from Asia, Africa and Latin America, Maryknoll, NY, May 5-11,
1996. Material was a distillation of a project from his Oxford
University sabbatical, 1994. He gave a workshop, “Raíces
teológicas y pastorales del Matrimonio,” to ministers
in advanced liturgy formation, Los Angeles Archdiocesan Office
of Worship, Apr. 13, 1996.

Alice Roy (English) served
as respondent and discussant for a caucus on Intellectual Property
and Composition Studies at the College Composition and Communication
conference, Milwaukee, WI, Mar. 27, 1996.

Leon Schwartz (Emeritus, Modern Languages and Literatures) presented a lecture,
“Madame Épinay: Mère, Épistolière
et Philosophe,” for the Alliance Française de Pasadena,
Altadena, CA, Feb. 21, 1996.

Joe Soldate (Art) gave a talk to the docents of the Huntington Library, “Remington’s Bronze Work — A Documentation of Western Culture,” CSLA,
Los Angeles, CA, Apr. 11, 1996; held a solo show at the Space
Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Apr. 1995.

Timothy Steele (English)
gave a public reading of his poems at Borders Bookstore, Washington,
DC; Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA; Barnes & Noble Bookstore,
New York, NY, Apr. 14, 16 and 17, 1996; gave a public reading
of his poems at UCLA for the Los Angeles Times Festival
of Books, Los Angeles, CA, Apr. 20, 1996.

Linda Tunstad (Chemistry and Biochemistry) made two presentations at the
American Chemical Society National Meeting: with Lisa Blakeley,
“Progress Towards C-2 Substituted Resorcinol Macroycles”;
coauthored with Gerardo Cortes-Lopez, “Synthesis of Mono
and Difunctionalized Resorcinol Macrocycles,” New Orleans,
LA, Mar. 1996. Made the following presentations: “Synthesis
of New Macrocycles Host-Guest Studies” at CSU San Jose, Department
of Chemistry, Apr. 9, 1996; “Host-Guest Chemistry” for
Los Angeles City College, Department of Chemistry, Apr. 11, 1996;
“Preparation of Substituted Macrocycles for Host-Guest Studies”
at the University of San Diego, Department of Chemistry, Apr.
18, 1996; “Science for a Diversified Community” for
the University of Redlands, May 6, 1996.