University Reports

Honors and Entertainment at 1996 Staff Award Event

On June 13, an impressive gathering in the Luckman Theatre celebrated
the twenty-second annual ceremony honoring the staff of Cal State
L.A. Staff, faculty and friends were treated to a program of musical
selections presented by Jessie Chang, a piano student at the Los
Angeles County High School for the Arts, and tenor Todd Wilander
(Music), 1996 graduate and recent past president of
ASI. Shannon Levy-Heath (Theatre Arts and Dance) choreographed
a tribute to diversity at Cal State L.A. — Colors of the
— featuring CSLA dance students Wendi Brown,
Veronica Garcia, Nadiya Siregar, and Sosi Ter-Karapetyan.
Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance/Human
Resource Management La Verne Parker-Diggs emceed the event.

Always the dramatic high point of the afternoon, the 1996 Outstanding
Staff Awards
— kept secret until the early summer event
— went to Geri Higley (Geological Sciences)
and Brian Magness (Physics and Astronomy). The awards
were presented by Acting Assistant Vice President for Academic
Affairs Janet Fisher-Hoult and President James M. Rosser.
The two honorees were selected by a committee of past Outstanding
Staff awardees who reviewed nominations submitted by colleagues,
faculty and students. According to Fisher-Hoult, the 14 worthy
candidates nominated this year made it especially difficult to

To Geri Higley, secretary for the Department of
Geological Sciences, the selection was a complete surprise. Higley
accepted her honor wearing a “Susan Lucci” nametag that
she later said alluded to her “often nominated but never
selected” status, comparable to that of the well-known soap
opera star. To the delight of those attending, she dramatically
peeled off the Lucci tag after receiving the award from President

Higley, who has been with the Department of Geological
Sciences for 20 years, says she always puts the needs of the students
first — calling them her “second family.” Her many
nominating letters came from retired as well as current staff,
and even from former students and professors now working at other
institutions. Some letters gave her high credit for her adroit
balancing act — handling the problems of students, faculty
and other staff members while keeping the department running smoothly.
Others praised her thorough knowledge of University procedures
that helped her get them through the red tape. An appreciative
graduate student wrote: “She is cheerful and encouraging
toward grumpy, overworked, forgetful graduate students. Over the
years, she has helped so many muddle-headed graduate students
to actually graduate that she is revered on a level with faculty

In a short and gracious speech, Brian Magness
acknowledged the staff and faculty who he said contributed to
his success as Equipment Technician III, Specialized, for the
Department of Physics and Astronomy. Magness, who earned his B.S.
in physics at Cal State L.A. in 1991 and will receive his master’s
degree this fall, has worked in the department since 1989. He
operates and maintains the recently restored Van de Graaf accelerator
and its support systems (“His involvement in all the accelerator
projects is crucial,” wrote his department chair) and maintains
and modifies lab equipment, among his many important duties. The
accolades for Magness are many: he has been described as “approachable”
and “innovative” — a man who “never says ‘no’
to a job” and who is “active in supporting students.”
Magness says he enjoys meeting the challenges of the job, but
modestly refuses to take all the credit. “Working in an environment
where cooperation with other staff members results in really helping
students is fantastic,” he says — adding that it “makes
the University a great place in which to work.”

Fisher-Hoult and President Rosser were joined by Vice President
for Information Resources Management Desdemona Cardoza,
and Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs David Godoy
in presenting awards to CSLA staff distinguished by their many
years of service to the University.

Diana Balli, History
David Chang, Business and Economics
Helen Fabian, Biology and Microbiology
Connie Gil, Business and Economics
Yen Kim Hang, Theatre Arts and Dance
Geri Higley, Geological Sciences
Dave Horvath, Physics and Astronomy
Anita Houston, Communication Disorders
Tracy Iwamoto, Modern Languages and Literatures
Ron Johnson, Physics and Astronomy
Nofoao Leau, Pan African Studies
Brian Magness, Physics and Astronomy
Ruth Martinez, Sociology

Connie Porras, Health and Nutritional Sciences

Herman D. Ando, Library

Cheryl K. Jones, Admissions and University Outreach
Rosalinda Lozano, Graduation Office
Kenneth T. Okita, Student Financial Services
Kamau Thabiti, Educational Opportunity Program

Frances Bustillos, Facilities Operations
Cheryl R. Carrillo, Facilities Operations
Beatriz Deakins, Academic Senate
Joanne M. Disney, Financial Services
Maria G. Gutierrez, Special Education
James F. Hallada, Facilities Operations
Shirley Y. Ilcken, Admissions and University Outreach
Aileen Y. Mori, Educational Opportunity Program
Katherine T. Numoto, Academic Affairs
Jesus Ruiz, Facilities Operations
Jeanne M. Saenz-Vasquez, Office of Action
William R. Stellmacher, Academic Support
Joel J. Tureaud, Facilities Operations
Jesus A. Villalpando, Facilities Operations
Mark T. Weller, Shipping and Receiving

Jaime Arevalo, Admissions and University Outreach
Marilyn Y. Ashdown, Educational Opportunity Program
Jean L. Cruz, Biology and Microbiology
Joseph T. Duron, Facilities Operations
Beatriz Encinas, Talent Search
Gwenith S. Franklin, Physical Education
Isabel Garza, Biology and Microbiology
Jeanne R. Gee, English
Ann M. Harris, Financial Services
Juanita M. Lewis, Information Resources Management
Aida I. Mrakich, Academic Affairs
Regina D. Nall, Business and Economics
Glenn R. Rehl, Academic Technology Support
Rudolph A. Rendon, Educational Opportunity Program
Maria L. Rodriguez, Facilities Operations
Gabriela Rubio, Office for Students with Disabilities
Joanne Smith, Psychology
Rudy H. Spit, Computing Services Group
Therman D. Swann, Library
Linda C. Thompson, Library
Sharon M. Vice, Student Relations
Linda G. Wolever, Student Financial Services
Wayne A. Wright, Administrative Information Group

Anita J. Aguilar, Purchasing
Stephanie M. Carey, Residential Life
Gladys Chamberlain, Analytical Studies
Christine Chavez, Alumni Relations
Hoa H. Duong, Facilities Operations
Myyen T. Duong, Facilities Operations
Helen Fabian, Biology and Microbiology
Melva J. Fitzgerald, Career Planning and Placement
Vincent V. Garcia, Facilities Operations
Patricia Huffman, Special Education
Edward J. Hidalgo, Facilities Operations
Tracy Iwamoto, Modern Languages and Literatures
Feliz Z. Jimenez, American Culture and Language Program
Ocalene M. Jones, Student Financial Services
Rebecca Palomino, University Auxiliary Services
Robert J. Pure, Facilities Operations
Joyce M. Pyatt, Educational Opportunity Program
Nilsa Rivera, Career Planning and Placement
Patricia Rodriguez, Music
Flora C. Saavedra, Arts and Letters
Patricia A. Sheaffer, Scheduling
Jan Slater, Early Entrance Program
Elizabeth Strother, Business and Economics
Tricia D. Trejo, Mathematics and Computer Science
Barbara A. Valedez, Educational Opportunity Program
Miguel Villegas, Jr., Research and Sponsored Programs
Patricia R. Williams, Financial Services
Ronald A. Witte, Administrative Information Group
Elsa S. Young, Academic Technology Support

Winnick Appointed Associate V.P.

Andrew J. Winnick has been appointed Associate
Vice President for Academic Affairs effective September 16,
1996. Since 1992, Winnick has served as dean of Special Programs
at Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany.

Winnick received a B.A. in mathematics and economics from UC Berkeley,
and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin,
Madison. At UC Santa Barbara from 1969-71, Winnick taught economics
and helped develop the university’s urban studies programs
and in environmental studies. From 1971-83 he taught political
economy at Antioch College, Ohio, serving as chair. At Antioch,
Winnick initiated and directed the comparative European systems
program and co-directed the college’s Institute for the Study
of Social Problems.

In 1983, after having served as visiting and
adjunct faculty at Central State University (Ohio), he was invited
to join that “Historically Black” public institution,
and was appointed chair of the Department of Economics in 1987.
In 1989, he joined Schiller International University as professor
of economics and computer studies, and was head of the computer
studies program and director of the Heidelberg campus from 1989-90.
He served as director of planning and public affairs before being
appointed dean.

Winnick has held numerous research and consulting
positions. He has authored numerous publications, including Toward
Two Societies: The Changing Distributions of Income and Wealth
in the U.S. Since 1960
. Winnick is listed in Who’s
Who in the World
, The International Directory of Educational
and, for “Extraordinary Service to the Teaching
Profession,” in The International Directory of Distinguished

Acting Associate Vice President Janet Fisher-Hoult
will return to her position as director of the Center for Effective
Teaching and Learning, effective September 1, 1996. She has been
in her present position since July 1, 1995, and was the acting
assistant vice president for academic affairs from January through
June 1995. She is a professor of education in the Division of
Educational Foundations and Interdivisional Studies.

Soltz is New Dean of Natural and Social Sciences

David L. Soltz has been named dean of Cal State L.A.’s School of Natural
and Social Sciences effective September 1, 1996. Soltz is currently
the acting dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
at CSU, Long Beach, where he has also been a professor of biology
since 1988. Soltz’ academic career began at Cal State L.A.
in 1974, when he joined the faculty as an assistant professor
of biology. Later, as professor of biology, he served as acting
chair of the department and, from 1981-88, as chair. In the fall
of 1988 he joined the CSU Long Beach faculty as chair of biology,
and was named acting dean in 1995.

Soltz received his A.B. in zoology
from UC Berkeley, and Ph.D. in biology from UCLA. His teaching
and research interests are in the areas of ecology and environmental
biology — specifically population biology and physiological
ecology of fishes inhabiting stressful environments — and
have led to the management and conservation of several endangered
species. Since 1979 he has been active on the Board of Governors
of the California Desert Studies Consortium and in 1988 became
chair, with oversight of major improvements at the CSU Desert
Studies Center, among other responsibilities. Soltz has been a
member of the Los Angeles County Environmental Review Board for
the past three years. He has served on the Board of Directors
of the Southern California Academy of Sciences since 1988 and
in 1994 was elected president.

In his administrative capacity at
both Cal State L.A. and CSU Long Beach, Soltz has established
strong programs in cellular and molecular biology. At CSU Long
Beach, he coordinated the merger of the biology, anatomy and physiology,
and microbiology departments into an integrated department of
biological sciences. Also at Long Beach, he brought to maturity
the Student Access to Science Center which coordinates college
outreach, recruitment, advising, retention and undergraduate research

Soltz is the author or coauthor of 27 publications and
environmental reports, and over forty abstracts. He has served
as reviewer for Annual Review of Biology, Copeia, BioScience,
Nature, Science
and other publications, and has given numerous
invited lectures.

He will head the School that has been led by
Donald O. Dewey, noted Constitutional historian and professor
of history. Dean Dewey retires this year after a record 34 years
on the Cal State L.A. faculty, 26 of them as dean.

Selkin Named Dean of Arts And Letters

Carl M. Selkin has been named to the
post of dean of the School of Arts and Letters, effective July
1, 1996. Selkin has been serving as acting dean of the School
since July 1, 1994. Prior to that, he chaired the Department of
English from 1991 to 1994. He joined the CSLA English Department
faculty in 1970. He received his B.A. in English from Syracuse
University, and his M.A. and Ph.D., with a specialization in Renaissance
and 17th century British literature, from the State University
of New York at Binghamton.

Selkin, who considers himself “a
generalist with a specialty in Renaissance studies,” has
been involved in developing and supporting interdisciplinary studies
at Cal State L.A. He has worked in the NEXA program of interdisciplinary
humanities and science courses originated by San Francisco State,
and was active in developing numerous theme classes for CSLA’s
upper division general education program. In 1986 he inaugurated
the Canadian studies project at Cal State L.A. with an international
conference and celebration of Canadian literature and film, and
since then has been active in Canadian studies locally and nationally.

He is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant to
develop audiences for poetry. As a past coordinator of the CSLA
English Department’s visiting writers series, he has been
instrumental in bringing national and international authors to
campus. In 1986, he founded the Jean Burden Poetry Series at Cal
State L.A. and established it as an endowed annual reading featuring
Pulitzer Prize winners and U.S. Poets Laureate, including, most
recently, acclaimed poet Richard Wilbur.

In 1989, he was invited to teach in the Department of English of Université Blaise
Pascal in Clérmont-Ferrand, France, and was a Fulbright
lecturer at Université de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, France.
Active in university, school and department governance, Selkin
has served on the Cal State L.A. Academic Senate (including the
executive committee) and numerous other committees. As acting
dean, he established the School’s first community advisory
board. He is a member of the board of the Southwest Chamber Music
Society, and is listed in Who’s Who in California.

Johnson is Acting Dean of Health and Human Services

Jo Ann Johnson has been appointed to the position of acting dean of the
School of Health and Human Services, effective August 1, 1996.
She has been a faculty member of Cal State L.A. since 1968 and
has served as chair of the Department of Nursing from 1989 to
January, 1996.

Johnson earned her bachelor’s degree at Vanderbilt
University, Tennessee, and her master’s degree at Columbia
Teachers College. In 1975, she received her doctorate in public
administration at the USC School of Public Administration. She
is a licensed Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse with a
research specialty in the administration of public hospitals.
She was the recipients of a pre-doctoral nurse scientist fellowship
from the U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare from
1969 to 1975.

As chair of the Department of Nursing, Johnson increased
department resources by helping to strengthen partnerships between
Cal State L.A. and community healthcare service organizations.
She has served as acting chair of the CSLA Department of Health
and Safety, as chair, vice-chair and executive committee member
of the Academic Senate and as coordinator for Health Related Programs.

Johnson has published articles on negotiation, performance evaluation,
staffing, nursing management and healthcare delivery in public
hospitals, and serves on the editorial board of Nurse Week. She
speaks on such topics as nursing education, collaboration between
service and education, outcome assessment, authority and accountability
and legal aspects of nursing. From 1980 to 1989, she was an accreditation
visitor for the Council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs
of the National League for Nursing. She has served as president
for San Gabriel Valley Nursing Consortium and is immediate past
president for California Association of Colleges for Nursing.

Thanks to Our Experts!

As part of the University’s expanded services
to journalists, Cal State L.A.’s Guide to the Experts
at Cal State L.A. 1996-1997
— along with the University’s
most recent press releases and a list of who is who in the CSLA
Publications/Public Affairs Office — is now available on
the World Wide Web. Links to CSLA’s home page, Calendar of
Events, and other University information are also available. The
media site is available through the University’s home page
(click on Publications/Public Affairs, then Services
to Journalists)
. Or go directly to </sites/default/files/ppa/media/jourpage.htm>

Since current affairs and late-breaking news allow the media little
time to search for expert opinions, this electronic guide to CSLA
experts will act as a quick directory for our press contacts.
In addition to providing a needed service for researchers, writers,
editors and reporters, the guide also enables CSLA to alert the
media to the quality and variety of resources at the University.

The Office of Publications/Public Affairs takes this opportunity to
recognize the more than 300 faculty members who have expressed
a willingness to work with the media. As participants in the University’s
outreach program, you are key factors in getting the word out
about the high quality of teaching and scholarship at Cal State L.A.

For questions about the experts directory, call Publications/Public
Affairs at ext. 3050.

CSLA’s Olympian

This past April, Ron Morris (Physical Education) once again
became a part of Olympic history as he carried the flame in the
relay leading to this year’s Summer Games in Atlanta. “It
brought back a lot of memories,” said Morris, an Olympic
Silver Medalist in pole vaulting who has been a record-setter
in his field. In the fifties, Morris was two-time California and
U.S. Interscholastic pole vault record holder, and was twice Intercollegiate
All-American and USC pole vault record holder. In 1956 he became
the sixth man in history to clear 15 feet. From 1956-66, he was
eight times All-American and ranked among the world’s top
ten pole vaulters each year.

Morris’ crowning achievement
came in 1960 at the XVII Olympiad in Rome, where he was honored
with the Silver Medal for pole vaulting. By 1962, Morris —
ranked number one in the world — was the only athlete to
convert successfully from the steel to Fiberglas pole. Morris
served as track coach at Cal State L.A. from 1960-78, during which
time he coached several All-American athletes. In 1978 he was
ranked as the second best pole vaulter in history and honored
for his longevity in the field by Track and Field News.

Letterhead Change

The Chancellor’s Office has requested each of the California
State Universities to include a complete listing of all 23 CSU
campuses on our official University stationery. The Office of
Publications/Public Affairs has modified the Cal State L.A. letterhead
in response to this request. Although this new format will be
implemented immediately, you may use your existing supplies of
department stationery and reorder as needed.

Continue to order
your stationery and other printing through Reprographic Services;
sign-off sheets for printing (new Form 50 contains old Form 50A)
should be routed through Publications/Public Affairs, with samples
attached. Any questions regarding the new letterhead or other
publication-related matters may be directed to the Office of Publications/Public
Affairs, ext. 3050. Copy Submission for University ReportsUniversity
is published several times each academic year by the
Office of Publications and Public Affairs.