How You Can Give to Our Students and University

How You Can Give to Our Students and University

Cal State L.A. offers a variety of gift options you may wish
to explore. Careful planning can maximize the positive effects
of outright contributions such as cash, appreciated securities,
real estate and gifts of personal property, as well as deferred
gifts such as bequests and charitable trusts.

We share the following ideas to help you identify the most effective
ways to give. Recent tax law changes may make your charitable
deductions worth more and reduce the out-of-pocket cost of your
charitable gifts. It is important, however, that you consult with
your own personal advisers, including qualified legal and tax
counsel, to discuss potential tax advantages for your circumstances.

Outright Gifts

You may make your gift outright in a single payment. Outright
gifts are transfers of cash, securities or other property.


A pledge confirms your intention to make a gift to the University.
It may be handled through a series of payments, which makes it
easier for you to support the University more generously than
originally considered. The University encourages full payment
of pledges in five years or less whenever possible.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations have demonstrated their support for education
by matching, or multiplying, their employees' gifts to an educational
institution, up to a set amount. Before you make a gift to the
University, please check to see whether your employer participates
in such a program. You may obtain the necessary matching gift
forms from your company's personnel office.


You may wish to give the University a personal possession of special
interest. The University receives a wide assortment of such gifts,
including rare books and manuscripts, works of art, equipment
and other items. To determine the University's interest in the
object you would like to give, please contact the relevant University
unit. Special tax rules apply to such gifts, so it's also important
to discuss such a gift with your own tax counsel.


Alumni and friends are encouraged to include Cal State L.A. in
their estate plans. If you have made a bequest to the University,
or are considering one, please notify the Development Office so
that we may establish a record of your bequest intentions.

Planned Gifts

A variety of options exists for individuals interested in making
charitable deferred gifts. The fundraising staff will be happy
to assist you in developing ways of giving that may be appropriate
for you. Call (323) 343-3060.