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This November 5, for 2002-2004, California voters will decide whether to approve Proposition 47, a $13 billion school bond measure that would fund a range of K-12 and higher education projects. Prop. 47 is the first part of a bond measure divided between two upcoming statewide ballots (if the first part is adopted, a $12.3 billion bond measure will then be on the March 2004 ballot).

Prop. 47 provides funding for new construction to meet seismic safety needs of K-12, California community colleges, and the CSU and UC campuses. Included in the package is $350 million earmarked for eight CSU campuses to build new, or renovate existing facilities.

If the November 5 bond passes, Cal State L.A. would receive $795,000 to fund the Music building remodel and equipment that includes a state-of-the-art recording studio, film scoring lab, upgraded “black-box” and studio theater, two television studios, soundproofed music practice rooms, music education rooms, two screening rooms with digital projection and 35-milimeter capability, film/video editing studios, and production studios for film editing, animation production, music composition and set design.

AB 16, the bill that authorized Prop. 47, also authorizes a second bond for the March 2004 ballot. Dependent on the passage of the November 5 Bond measure, the second, 2004-2006, ballot measure will include $29,507,000 to fund Cal State L.A.Â’s replacement of Physical Sciences Building Wing B. This project will build the north wing of the Science Replacement Building, adding to the previously constructed Wing A and completing this new interdisciplinary laboratory building. Wing B will be 54,000 Assignable Square Feet (87, 100 Gross Square Feet), providing capacity for 606 students in lecture space, 135 students in lower division laboratory space, 108 students in upper division laboratory space, and 29 faculty offices. The building will provide lecture space and complex state-of-the-art laboratories to serve multiple disciplines, replacing the existing badly deteriorated and outdated physical science building. This amount will augment a GovernorÂ’s economic stimulus package of $38,108,000 funding for a 65,900 Assignable Square Feet (106,400 Gross Square Feet) interdisciplinary wet laboratory building, providing capacity for 308 student and 38 faculty offices. This bond measure also will provide $4,487,000 for the replacement of Wing A equipment.

Cal State L.A. has long been dedicated to providing exceptional technology and facilities for its students. Over the past few years, cutting-edge programs in teacher preparation, engineering, business, nursing, social work, interdisciplinary environmental studies, communication studies/broadcasting, art and animation, among others, have been instituted at the University. Many of these areas have made significant strides in providing state-of-the-art equipment to augment students' 21st century education and in preparing them for a smooth transition to careers in their fields.

SUPPORTERS OF PROP. 47: Official ballot support arguments by California Chamber of Commerce; California State PTA; California Taxpayers' Association (CAL TAX); California Teachers Association; Taxpayers for Accountability and Better Schools; League of Women Voters of California. Other supporters include California Business Roundtable; American Association of University Women; “Yes on 47 for Accountability and Better Schools”

OPPONENTS OF PROP. 47: Official ballot opposition arguments by Wm. J. "Pete" Knight, Senator, 17th District; Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; National Tax Limitation Committee; California Taxpayers Coalition; Northern California Committee for Limited Government; Waste Watchers, Inc. No opposition Website is available at this time.


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