News and Information

VOL. 1, NO. 2, MAY

Construction Updates
The campus continues to
change with each day. However, during some recent student focus
groups, we have discovered that there is some confusion about
funding sources, with many students incorrectly believing that the
various campus construction projects are funded by increased student
fees. The projects and funding sources are identified below.


the structure is complete and the Credit Union machine is in use,
with space for other banking vendors at the eastern end of the
Library walkway. Funding: University Auxiliary Services, which
recoups costs through rental charges paid by banks.

Golden Eagle Sculpture:

a bronze sculpture of the Golden Eagle, created by artist Kenneth
Bjorge, effectively represents the University's competitive spirit.
Funding: private fund-raising.

Rubén Salazar Recognition:

a portrait of the late journalist and a copy of his last column will
soon be installed near the entrance so that students may understand
why the Salazar Hall was named in his memory. Funding: President's

Visitors' Lot D:

this area will be improved, with added short-term parking; the
circular configuration will be improved with a safer drive-through
plan, the historic rose garden will be relocated, University
monument signage will be added, and the flagpole will be relocated
to a more prominent position. Funding: Parking Funds.


a new vehicular signage program will be installed to improve visitor
traffic and direct vehicles back to the freeways and away from
residential neighborhoods as much as possible. Funding: General
Funds, as part of the University Strategic Planning initiatives.

Angeles Regional Crime Lab:

fireproofing and all structural steel are complete and an exterior
sheathing has enclosed the building enabling work on interior
finishes. Construction completion is expected February 2007.
Funding: State Bond.

University-Student Union:

grading of the site has begun; with plumbing and utilities work soon
to begin. Construction completion is expected September 2007.
Funding: Student fees.

Science Complex, Wing A:

the steel frame is now complete. Construction continues with
installation of the metal floor decks and exterior framing.
Completion is expected October 2007. Funding: State Bond,
supplemented with private fund-raising.

Science Complex, Wing B:

the project has
been postponed until adequate funding is available to meet projected
construction costs. Funding: State Bond, supplemented with private

Welcome Center:

work on interior and exterior finishes is being done, with occupancy
targeted in the near future. Funding: Parking Funds.

Enrollment Focus

aspects of enrollment management are being closely reviewed to
strengthen the University's ability to build enrollment from the
University's surrounding region. Targeted enrollment for next year is
17,737 FTE (preliminary figure, subject to confirmation by the
Chancellor's Office). An ad hoc committee has put together a 28 page
action plan in support of strengthening our yield and improving an array
of services. The emphasis is on operational functions that will further
a quality environment and streamline services for current students, as
well as improving visibility and responsiveness to prospective students.
An initial step is that all University offices must be open for service
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday, with phones answered by a human
voice. After finalization, this document will be posted online for the
campus community.

Colleges' Welcome Day

event tied to this enrollment effort is a VIP Welcome Day at the
Colleges, a special event for undecided applicants and their families.
Prospective students have received invitations from the College in which
they indicated interest, with undeclared students being hosted by the
Dean of Undergraduate Studies. By giving these students a closer look at
their respective areas of interest, we hope that we can influence their
choice toward Cal State L.A. Faculty are encouraged to participate in
activities in their Colleges from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Saturday, May

Commencement Speakers

speaker for Master's Commencement, 5:30 p.m., Friday, June 9, 2006, will
be Darline Robles, the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools and
chair of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's Council of Education Advisors. Dr.
Robles is an alumna who earned her B.A. in history here.

The speaker for
the Undergraduate Commencement, at 8 a.m. the following morning, will be
Michael E. Brown, professor of planetary astronomy at the California
Institute of Technology. Recently named by
Time Magazine
as one of
the world's most influential people, he heads Caltech's planetary
astronomy group, which researches extra-solar planetary systems,
outer-and inner-solar system bodies and planetary satellites.

"Reel" Success

Congratulations to all involved in the recent third annual Reel
Rasquache Festival of the U.S. Latino Experience in Film & Art. Cal
State L.A. can take tremendous pride in the fact that this unique annual
celebration draws strong attendance from entertainment executives,
directors, producers, actors and distributors — many of whom we proudly
claim as alumni — stirring creative interaction with our students,
faculty, administrative leaders, and community. This festival is the
first exhibition forum on the West Coast — and the only one in Southern
California — to focus exclusively on the U.S. Latino experience in film.


appreciate the campus response to the Town Hall meetings and the State
of the University session at the Academic Senate. My intention is to
regularly have such face-to-face sessions so that the campus is updated
on the issues that face us as we strive to create a learning community
for the 21st century.

for California

State L.A., with one of California's most respected and diverse nursing
schools, continues to respond to the state's urgent need for more nurses
for the workforce. Legislation sponsored by State Senator Sheila Kuehl
(District 23) provides the CSU with $1.7 million in funding for
equipment, facility renovation, curriculum development and faculty
recruitment for nursing program support. At Cal State L.A., this funding
slightly expanded the number of undergraduate and Entry-Level Master's
in Nursing (MSN) students that we can accept in the School of Nursing.
Additionally, the funding will allow a significant update of our Nursing
Skills Lab to create a teaching environment more reflective of current
healthcare settings, with work on the Lab slated to begin this summer.

Teaching Support

Also in
line with the state's pressing needs, I am pleased to report that the
University has received a $478,689 grant from the National Science
Foundation for a program that will support the preparation of 20 to 30
new science teachers over a three-year period. The Robert Noyce
Scholarship Program will increase Cal State L.A.'s production of highly
diverse middle and high school science teachers with strong science
content knowledge and pedagogical skills, in order to meet the demand
for qualified science teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School
District (LAUSD).


Wendy Baker as acting executive director of the Luckman Fine Arts
Complex, and Dan Bridges, director of Intercollegiate Athletics. We also

Barry Munitz as a
Trustee Professor at Cal State L.A.