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Date: Nov. 12, 1996


Moreno Returns from a London Performance Run
as Norma Desmond in Musical, Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA -- Celebrated entertainer Rita Moreno brings a high-skilled one-woman
show to Luckman Theatre at Cal State L.A. on Saturday, November
23 at 8 p.m. Call TicketMaster for tickets or (323) 343-6610 for
the Luckman box office or general information.

Moreno's performance is a powerful exploration of harmonies,
orchestral colors and her boundless energy and expertise as a
singer and a dancer. She will appear with a combo and she will
announce the concert program from the stage.

Moreno will have recently returned from a lengthy performance
run in London as Norma Desmond in the acclaimed musical Sunset

Her musical repertoire at the Luckman will include songs from
her recent Sunset Boulevard role and dozens of other characters
she has played throughout the years, including Anita from West
Side Story
. "I choose music that makes me happy,"
says Moreno. "I don't in any sense pander to the popular
taste, unless I happen to like it." Her continued popularity
seems to confirm her formula for a successful performance.

According to critics, her charisma, sense of humor, and extraordinary
musical and dancing talents keep bowling over audiences. "Moreno's
singing, banter, dancing and storytelling about growing up Puerto
Rican in New York City added up to an impressive...one-woman show,"
writes the Milwaukee Journal. And the Wisconsin State
states, "Her singing, dancing performance was
full of energy ...It also had the subtlety, the timing, the communication
at once intimate and highly theatrical, that only comes with a
great deal of experience."

The Puerto Rico native first broke into show business when she
was 13. Over the years, she has played a wide range of characters,
including a hooker in Carnal Knowledge and a no-talent
entertainer in The Ritz, for which she won a Tony in 1975.
She also received an Oscar for her performance in the 1962 motion
picture, West Side Story, a Grammy for her 1972
performance on Electric Company Album and an Emmy twice,
in 1977 for a variety appearance on The Muppets and in
1978 for a dramatic appearance on The Rockford Files.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, she is
the only entertainer who has won all four of these cherished awards.

Luckman Theatre, part of the Harriet & Charles Luckman Fine
Arts Complex, is located on the campus of Cal State L.A. at the
Eastern Avenue exit of the San Bernardino (I-10) freeway near
the interchange of the I-10 and I-710 (Long Beach) freeways.

Box office hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m. Call directly at (323) 343-6600.

The Harriet & Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex presents
celebrated performer Rita Moreno


Rita Moreno's high-skilled performance is a powerful exploration
of harmonies, orchestral colors and her boundless energy and expertise
as a singer and a dancer.

Saturday, November 23 at 8 p.m.


Cal State L.A.'s Luckman Theatre, junction of I-10 (San Bernardino)
and I-710 (Long Beach) freeways


$40/$35 for general; $20 for students/seniors

Tickets--TicketMaster (213) 365-3500/(714) 740-7878

Luckman Box Office (323) 343-6600 (Wed.-Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.)


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