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Margie Yu
Public Affairs Spec.

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State L.A. Salutes Its Outstanding Professors

For more than half a century at California State University, Los Angeles, some of the most gifted and honored educators in the nation have given students the benefit of their expertise and wisdom. Undergraduates and graduate students pursuing degrees have been guided in their specific disciplines while learning critical thinking skills from the prominent scientists, scholars, and artists who teach at Cal State L.A.

Faculty at Cal State L.A. involve students in their research projects in a way rarely found at the private and larger public universities. Whether in the laboratory, the dance studio, or the elementary school classroom, whether collecting data for surveys or gathering oral histories in the community, students have been able to work side by side with these experts, among the most honored professors in the California State University system.

We take this opportunity to recognize the excellence of all Cal State L.A. faculty members and salute those who have been especially honored by the University and the CSU over the years.

Listed here are recipients of Cal State L.A.'s Outstanding Professor Award, as well as those professors who have received the CSU Trustees OPA, the CSU/CSLA OPA and the President's Distinguished Professor Award. They have written major books and textbooks, led internationally-honored research projects, or served on national committees or as editors of significant journals in their fields. All have been active on the many committees that exist at the University. But first and foremost, they are outstanding teachers, honored for their devotion to students and to the communication of knowledge. Because of them, we can approach the next century with confidence in our University's mission to provide excellence in education.


Joanne Altschuler (Social Work)

Sachiko Matsunaga (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Joseph Prabhu (Philosophy)

Carlos Robles (Biological Sciences)

Martin Brodwin (Special Education and Counseling), President's Distinguished Professor


Carol Blaszczynski (Information Systems)

Domnita Dumitrescu (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Lía Kamhi-Stein (Educational Foundations and Interdivisional Studies)

Enrique Ochoa (History/Latin American Studies)

J. Theodore Anagnoson (Political Science), President's Distinguished Professor


Daphne Der-Fen Liu (Mathematics)

Majdedin Mirmirani (Mechanical Engineering)

Sunil K. Sapra (Economics and Statistics)

Penelope Semrau (Education)

Judith Hamera (Communication Studies/Theatre Arts and Dance), President's Distinguished Professor


Linda Beamer (Marketing)

Alfred Bendixen (English)

Jean Phinney (Psychology)

William Taylor (Physics and Astronomy)

Martin Roden (Electrical and Computer Engineering), President's Distinguished Professor


Raymond Garcia (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Darlene Michener (Curriculum and Instruction)

Ruben Quintero (English)

Ira Sommers (Criminal Justice)

Carlos Gutiérrez (Chemistry and Biochemistry), President's Distinguished Professor


Alan Bloom (Communication Studies-Broadcasting)

Cheryl Cruz (Accounting)

Silvia Heubach (Mathematics & Computer Science)

Caroline McManus (English)

Demetrius Margaziotis (Physics and Astronomy), President's Distinguished Professor


Marshall Cates(Mathematics and Computer Science)

Robert Desharnais (Biology and Microbiology)

Hae Kyung Lee (Theatre Arts and Dance)

Marguerite Ann Snow (Education)

Ann Garry (Philosophy), President's Distinguished Professor


Marie K. Boss (Finance and Law)

Evelyn Calvillo (Nursing)

Sharon Johnson (Education-Administration and Counseling)

Ed Malecki (Political Science)

Tim Steele (English), President's Distinguished Professor


Francisco E. Balderrama (Chicano Studies/History)

Martin G. Brodwin (Education)

Terry R. Kandal (Sociology)

Nancy L. McQueen (Microbiology)

Stanley M. Burstein (History), President's Distinguished Professor


Marilyn R. Elkins (English)

Ricardo J. Gomez (Philosophy)

Madhu S. Mohanty (Economics)

Barbara Peterson Sinclair (Nursing)

Donald R. Paulson (Chemistry), CSU/CSULA Outstanding Professor


Mohammad Ala (Management)

Helen R. Boussalis (Electrical Engineering)

Judith Hamera (Speech Communication)

Carole Srole (History)

William A. Cohen (Marketing), CSU/CSULA Outstanding Professor


Barbara Ann Boyer (Art)

Young C. Kim (Civil Engineering)

James H. Wiebe (Education)

Robert Gene Zahary (Accounting)

Martin S. Roden (Electrical Engineering), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee

Thomas P. Onak (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Peter A. Brier (English)

Stanley M. Burstein (History)

Janet C. Fisher-Hoult (Education)

Kon Sun Lai (Economics and Statistics)

Rosemarie Marshall (Microbiology), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Marilyn Friedman (Nursing)

Jeanine Gaucher-Morales (Foreign Languages, Spanish/French)

Richard D. Roberto (Mechanical Engineering)

Timothy Steele (English)

Byong-Kon Kim (Music), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Theodore Anagnoson (Political Science)

Roberto Cantu (Chicano Studies)

Ann Garry (Philosophy)

Teris Schery (Communication Disorders)

Phoebe Dea (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


E. Dale Carter, Jr. (Foreign Languages, Spanish)

Dorothy L. Keane (Education)

John Y. Lee (Accounting)

Janet A. Seaman (Physical Education)

Olga Termini (Music), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Derek K. Chang (Mathematics)

Kazumitsu Kato (Foreign Languages, Japanese)

Yuen-Sang (Philip) Leung (History)

Betsy Peitz (Biology)


G. Roy Mayer (Education)

Alan Muchlinski (Biology)

Elba R. Torres de Peralta (Foreign Languages, Spanish)

Olga Termini (Music)

Alan N. Crawford (Education), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Mary A. Falvey (Education)

Margaret Jefferson (Biology)

David Laird (English)

Jagdish Prasad (Mathematics)

Hendrik Keyzer (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Roger R. Bowers (Biology)

Rosemary L. Hake (English)

Byong-Kon Kim (Music)

David R. Perrott (Psychology)


Charles E. Borman (Art)

Linda Evans (Health and Safety)

Edward M. Goldberg (Political Science)

Eui-Young Yu (Sociology)

Butrus Abd al-Malik (History), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Carlos G. Gutierrez (Chemistry)

Hendrik Keyzer (Chemistry)

Rosemarie Marshall (Microbiology)

Malcolm McClain (Art)

Barbara Clark (Education) , CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Gary A. Best (Education)

William A. Cohen (Marketing)

Lawrence K. Hong (Sociology)

Elaine Osio (English)

Donald R. Paulson (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Gerald A. Beer (Mathematics)

Alan N. Crawford (Education)

Stewart M. Venit (Mathematics)

Anthony J. Andreoli (Biochemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Phoebe Dea (Chemistry)

Edward C. Forde (Art)

Martin S. Roden (Electrical Engineering)

John H. Weston (English)

Barbara Clark (Education) , CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee

Lloyd N. Ferguson (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Saralyn Daly (English)

Sin Fong Han (Geography)

Wilmer O. Maedke (Business Education and Office Administration)

C. Lamar Mayer (Education)


Barbara J. Clark (Education)

Mary Conroy (Physical Education)

Marcella Oberle (Speech Communication)

Donald R. Paulson (Chemistry)

Margaret McWilliams (Home Economics), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Richard Dean Burns (History)

Joan D. Johnson (Physical Education)

Ronald H. Silverman (Art)

Alice C. Thompson (Psychology)

Anthony J. Andreoli (Biochemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee

Harold Goldwhite (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Demetrius J. Margaziotis (Physics)

Rolando Santos (Education)

Robert Strassburg (Music)

Helen D. Truher (Education)

Jane Sanford Lewis (Home Economics), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Donald O. Dewey (History)

David Lindsey (History)

Margaret McWilliams (Home Economics)

Leon Schwartz (Foreign Languages, French)

Marian E. Wagstaff (Education)


Matilde O. Castells (Foreign Languages, Spanish)

Robert D. Kully (Speech Communication)

Jane S. Lewis (Home Economics)

Stanley H. Pine (Chemistry)

William Leary (English), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Daniel Crecelius (History)

Leonard F. Heath (Art)

Sigmund Jaffe (Chemistry)

Jean Utley Lehman (Education)

Lloyd N. Ferguson (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


No awards 1972-1973

Butrus Abd al-Malik (History)

Walter M. Askin (Art)

Robert L. Douglass (Speech Pathology)

Delwyn G. Schubert (Education)

Richard J. Vogl (Biology)

Allen Bristow (Criminal Justice), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


No campus awards

Norman Fruman(English), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee

Gilbert Geis (Sociology), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Anthony J. Andreoli (Biochemistry)

Henri Coulette (English)

Norman Fruman (English)

Caro Hatcher (Education)

Thomas McEnroe (Political Science)

Arthur L. Smith (History)

Joseph Casanova, Jr. (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Gerhard Albersheim (Music)

Anthony Fratiello (Chemistry)

Richard G. Lillard (English)

Francis E. Lord (Education)

Thomas P. Onak (Chemistry)

Leon Pape (Physics)

Harold Goldwhite (Chemistry), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Georgia S. Adams (Education)

Allen P. Bristow (Criminal Justice)

Leslie Cromwell (Electrical Engineering)

Gilbert Geis (Sociology)

Evelyn J. Malkin (Nursing)

Fred H. Marcus (English)


Arthur A. Attwell (Education)

Robert G. Cathcart (Speech Communication)

Harold Goldwhite (Chemistry)

Joseph A. Sacher (Biology)

Frederick Shroyer (English)

Milton Stern (Music)

William Leary (English), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee


Eugene Benedetti (Education)

William G. Byron (Geography)

Eugene H. Kopp (Electrical Engineering)

Samuel McSeveny (History)

Paul M. Zall (English)

Robert G. Cathcart (Speech Communication), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee

Hudson Roysher (Art), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee


Marvin Laser (English)

William G. Leary (English)

Herman J. O. Loether (Sociology)

Joseph G. Phelan (Psychology)


Donald A. Bird (English)

Joseph A. Casanova, Jr. (Chemistry)

Vernon F. Leidig (Music)

Marvin Laser (English), CSU Outstanding Professor Nominee

Solomon Diamond (Psychology), CSU Outstanding Professor Awardee

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