Honda and Nissan Donate Cars to CSLA


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Nissan and Honda Donate Four Cars to Cal State L.A.
for Engineering and Technology Program

Los Angeles, CA -- January 10, 1996 -- The School of
Engineering and Technology at California State University, Los
recently received a donation of four cars, totaling
$87,300 in value, from Nissan Motor Corporation and American Honda
Motor Company, Inc. of Southern California to enhance the automotive
laboratories utilized by the School's Power, Energy and Transportation

Through the efforts of the Program Director Jim Heideman,
CSLA Professor of Technology, American Honda Motor Company, Inc.
donated a 1991 Acura NSX sports car and a 1993 Acura Legend, and
Nissan Motor Corporation donated two Nissan Altimas.

Eli H. Jaramillo, Supervisor for the Corporate Service
Center, Nissan Motor Corporation and Gary Winters,
National Manager Technical Training and Field Operations, American
Honda Motor Company, Inc., were also instrumental in securing
this donation. Both individuals are graduates of Cal State L.A.
Winters graduated from the Industrial Studies Program in 1974,
and Jaramillo received his B.A. in 1976 and his M.A. in 1982 in
the field of Industrial Technology.

Heideman earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Wayne
State University in 1991. Before coming to Cal State L.A., Heideman
worked for Nissan Motor Corporation in Gardena, California. While
at Nissan, he supervised and trained a staff of instructional
designers for technical and service support. He also developed
a national training curriculum for the company and served as a
liaison between Nissan Motor Corporation and vocational education
programs at colleges and universities throughout the country.

The main objective of the Power, Energy and Transportation Program
is to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to acquire
hands-on experience while learning about automotive technology.
The program teaches students about engine design, performance,
and effective pollution management. In addition, students learn
research methods that incorporate and address current concerns
such as the feasibility of electric vehicles and alternative uses
for fuel.

According to Heideman, "The Power, Energy and Transportation
Program trains students to work in the automotive and transportation
industries. Students have an opportunity to examine state-of-the-art
vehicles and explore new methods of 'cutting edge' technology.
The program also prepares graduates to work in a highly competitive
job market."

Both American Honda Motor Company, Inc. and Nissan Motor Corporation
maintain an edge in automotive technology and work with the education
community to provide quality training opportunities.

"We like to see the vehicles fully utilized for instruction"
says Rodney Lineweber, American Honda National Service Training

For more information regarding the in-kind gift donation or the
Power, Energy and Transportation Program, contact Jim Heideman
at (323) 343-4573.

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