Fall Ahead performance press release


CONTACT: Rochelle Fabb,

Loud Mouth Productions

(310) 841-0856

or Carol Selkin, Director,

Cal State L.A. Public Affairs

(323) 343-3050

Fall Ahead Performance and Dance Festival at
Cal State L.A.

October 18 - November 3, 1996

Los Angeles, CA -- August 14, 1996 -- From October 18
November 3, the Theatre Arts and Dance Department
at California State University, Los Angeles sponsors Fall
, a three-week celebration of performance and dance
featuring L.A.'s most innovative performance companies. These
new, provocative performances were created especially for the
festival by artists in the forefront of performance art, butoh
and hyperdance respectively; the Rachel Rosenthal Company,
Oguri with Renzoku
and Diavolo Dance Theater.

The performances are Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m. with
special Sunday matinees at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $12; $10 for
students, senior citizens and Dance Resource Center members.
The festival will be premiered at the State Playhouse on the
CSLA campus. The University is located at the Eastern Avenue
exit, San Bernardino (I-10) Freeway, at the interchange of the
10 and 710 Freeways. Reservations recommended. Call (323)
343-4118 for reservations.

Week One, October 18 - 20 -- PERFORMANCE ART:

The Rachel Rosenthal Company, led by the internationally-acclaimed
performance artist, performs its signature brand of wildly visceral,
extra-sensory theatre in Timepiece. Experience the unexpected
when this highly-attuned ensemble mixes structure with chaos,
disarmingly beautiful and grotesque images, text, voice and stylized
and athletic movement. The Company's latest creation traverses
the map of time in a breathless and bold voyage through space,
history, cosmology, futurism and the mysteries of our existence.

"Rosenthal [is] the most senior and compelling performance
artist in California . . . As an artist she appears to be permanently
impaled on the cutting edge. The kinetic ingenuity of this company
of eight is striking, its ensemble unity smoothly cohesive."

-- Charles Marowitz, Los Angeles View

Week Two, October 25 - 27 -- DANCE (BUTOH):

Strikingly beautiful movement resonates as Oguri and his
company, Renzoku, dance their newest work, Effect of
. From the composed images emerge a primordial landscape
of raw instinct - - powerful and fragile, teeming and boundless.
The result is a tableau of revelation and surprise. The piece
will be accompanied by live electronic and acoustic music created
by Yuval Ron.

"I am often in the kitchen. Water, fire and salt are the
essence of cooking -- my hobby. The meals we cooked at home for
my father's workers were delicious -- salty. 'Salt is strength';
dance moderated by the effect of salt; salty dance."

-- Oguri

"Oguri and Renzoku combine complete stage pictures with sensual
yet tortuously difficult movement." [Renzoku has a] unique
ability to merge technical virtuosity and psychologically potent

-- Judith Hamera, Theatre Journal

Week Three, November 1 - 3 -- HYPERDANCE:

The daredevil dancers in Diavolo Dance Theater perform
an ultra-physical style of human propulsion, moving in, among
and on elaborate, large-scale set pieces. Diavolo's performance
style emphasizes objects, relationships and architecture. It
stretches the physical limits of dancing. According to Artistic
Director Jacques Heim, who began his career dancing outdoors on
the banks of the Champs Elysees and atop cars in Paris, Diavolo's
work explores just how far one can go within the constraints of
physical and thematic environment. He is continually impressed
by its confinement of metropolitan living.

"Whether skiing down a staircase, balancing inside a huge
metal pipe or sliding from pillar to post on a vertical pegboard,
Diavolo confirmed its reputation for creative experiment, performance
prowess and just plain guts."

-- Lewis Segal , Los Angeles

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