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Cal State L.A. School of Engineering and Technology
Receives a $25,000 Grant from Hughes Electronics Corporation

Los Angeles, CA -- June 13, 1996 -- Mechanical Engineering
Professor Chivey Wu of the School of Engineering
and Technology
at California State University, Los Angeles
has recently received a $25,000 grant from Hughes Electronics
to support the School's Design Clinic.

The purpose of this Design Clinic are to give students the opportunity
to work in an academic environment using their research skills
and to work alongside professional engineers from the corporate
environment. This project, in collaboration with Hughes Electronics
Corporation, involves using computer simulation based on computational
modeling as a guideline to improve commercial or military aircraft
radar cooling systems. Under the direction of Dr. Wu, students
create two-dimensional and three-dimensional models, conduct tests
and then compose a final report. Students will receive financial
compensation for the duration of the project.

Wu is a specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind-tunnel
testing. As the Faculty Advisor and Principal Investigator for
the project, he will direct graduate students in the area of computational
simulations and computer modeling. Wu obtained his B.S. in 1976
from the National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan. In 1979,
he received his M.S. and later in 1983, his Ph.D. in Mechanical
Engineering from the University of Illinois. He accepted a position
at Cal State L.A. in 1983 as a mechanical engineering professor.

The Design Clinic Program was established by the Center for Research
within the CSLA School of Engineering and Technology. The main
goal of the clinic is to expose students to the reality of the
engineering practice and to provide an environment in which students
can do research. Charles Wilcox, a former Hughes Executive,
is the Director of the Center for Research and is in the process
of setting up additional Design Clinics coordinated by CSLA with
local businesses and industry.

For more information, call Charles Wilcox at the CSLA Center
for Research at (323) 343-4476.

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