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Communication Studies

(323) 343-4200

Chey Acuña
Associate Professor of Broadcasting; M.F.A., UCLA

Contact: (323) 343-4208

Chey Acuña focuses on single-camera production and editing.
She has produced, directed and edited music videos, public service
announcements, industrials and documentaries. Additional specializations
are rotoscope and traditional character animation. Her
music videos, "Hologram" and "Passion," were
distributed both overseas and domestically as part of "Underground
USA," a music video compilation program series. Her educational
PSA for Cal State L.A., urged young people to stay in school. The industrial
she edited for the immigrant rights organization Hermandad Mexicana Nacional was distributed nationally to all its regional offices. She has received
the NCB Entertainment Group and Motion Picture Association of
America awards.

Mohammad A. Auwal

Associate Professor of Communication Studies; Ph.D., Ohio University

Contact: (323) 343-4262


Dr. Auwal specializes in communication theory, organizational communication, and international development. He also has done research in intercultural communication. His articles have been published in Communication Theory, Knowledge (now renamed Journal of Science Communication), Communication Monographs, and Journal of Business Communication.
He is available to comment about the impact and role of media in Arab countries; government communications and politics; U.S. persuasion and propaganda; and Muslim predicament in the U.S. during a possible U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Fluent in: Bangla.

Kevin Baaske
Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Ph.D., USC

Contact: (323) 343-4203


Dr. Baaske’s expertise is in argumentation and rhetorical theory and
criticism and pedagogy (esp. explication and critique of
public argument of contemporary issues); debate and forensics
(debate theory, practice and evaluation); and campaign rhetoric
(analysis and critique of campaign communication strategies). His research
interests include public argument, and acts of terror as vehicles of
public argument. He is available to address the use of evidence and definitions
by the current Bush administration in its arguments for war, and media coverage
of war, and can speak on these issues as they relate to the 1990-1991 Persian
Gulf War.

Jon Beaupré
Assistant Professor of Broadcasting; MFA, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Contact: (323) 343-4211


Jon Beaupré is a voice and performance consultant for radio and television performers,
and teaches in the Communications Department at Cal State L.A. Beaupré, a radio
producer and reporter
and frequent contributor to local and
internationally-syndicated programming from his home in Los Angeles, also conducts
workshops and seminars with the Associated Press Radio and Television Association.
He has been a fixture on the convention circuit, teaching workshops at a wide range
of specialty journalism and broadcast conventions and stations on both coasts of the U.S. He is available to speak on the topic of media in a time of war,
including the “blurred line between propaganda and reliable news.”

Beryl Bellman

Professor of Communications Studies; Ph.D., U.C. Irvine

Contact: (323) 343-4262


Dr. Bellman specializes in Enterprise Architecture (the enterprise-wide, integrating framework of business, data/information, application, and technology architecture). He is the cofounder of the FEAC Institute in Washington DC, which provides education and certification in the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework and the Department of Defense Architectural Framework. He is also an expert in organizational culture and communications, distance online education, computer networks, Internet security, computer mediated/interaction, enterprise design and development, and policy-telecommunications. Additionally, he conducted intermittent ethnographic research in Africa, and has written several books on secret societies of Liberia and adjacent countries.

Alan Bloom
Professor of Broadcasting; M.F.A., California College of Arts
and Crafts

Contact: (323) 343-4209


Alan Bloom has been the program director of the Video Center at
the American Film Institute, and has directed more than 200 music
videos, documentaries, experimental films, TV programs and spots.
He initiated the first music video courses to be taught
on a college campus at Cal State L.A. in 1985. His educational
music video
, All You Can Dream, starring Nia Peeples,
was awarded the Silver Angel and Buccaneer awards in 1986, and
its Spanish language version, Y Porque No Sonar, became
a number one hit video and a number one single in Mexico. He
received three Telly awards for spots, including one that
encourages people to become teachers. His
three PBS specials on computer animation have received several
awards, including the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle. His highly
acclaimed rap video, Let the Bells Ring, encouraging students
to stay in school and go on to college, was produced for the American
Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), the California
State Universities and Geffen Records. Professor Bloom regularly
serves as a consultant on the uses of media to affect public perception
of issues and served on a congressional task force on this subject.

Lena Chao

Assistant Professor of Speech Communication; Ph.D., USC

Contact: (323) 343-4264


Dr. Chao is an expert in interpersonal and intercultural communication; public relations; and conflict resolution. She coauthored Racism, Sexism, and the Media: How the Media Continues to Construct American Identities (SAGE Publications, 3rd edition, 2003). In this text, she provides insight into the media experiences of Asians, Pacific Islanders, and women of color. She was recognized as one of Cal State L.A.'s 2004 Distinguished Women.

Ivan Cury
Professor of Communication Studies-Broadcasting; M.F.A., Boston University

Contact: (323) 343-4260


Ivan Cury has considerable experience behind the camera as well
as in front of it. He has worked as a producer/director for commercials
for The Men's Warehouse, and on productions such as Infatuation,
with Bob Eubanks. Professor Cury has also worked as a director
and producer for CBS and for NET. For his efforts as a director,
Professor Cury has received recognition through many regional
and national Emmy Awards. He was also the director of many regional
Clio award-winning commercials.

Kelly Madison

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies; Ph.D., USC, Annenberg School

Contact: (323) 343-5344


Dr. Madison specializes in the study of racism, capitalism and sexism,
specifically U.S. cultural politics and media. With an expertise in
socio-political construction of "whiteness" and "blackness" in U.S.
culture, Dr. Madison also specializes in the study of violence as it
relates to U.S. mass media and culture in general. She is also an
expert on Proposition 54, also known as the Racial Privacy Initiative.

John Ramirez
Professor of Television, Film & Media Studies; Ph.D., UCLA

Contact: (323) 343-4207


Dr. Ramirez is qualified to speak on documentary history, theory and criticism; Chicano Cinema; independent U.S. film/video; critical media literacy and pedagogy; queer, post-colonial, and feminist theory and criticism; cultural studies; and film/video curating and programming. Chair of the University’s Communication Studies department, Ramirez teaches courses in film/television criticism; independent U.S. film/video; cross-cultural film/video; and documentary history, theory and criticism. In 2004, with colleague Richard Rodriguez of Cal State L.A.’s Chicano Studies department, Ramirez co-founded the first U.S. Latino Film/Video Festival – now called “Reel Rasquache” – the only festival of its kind and scope in the Southern California area dedicated to film and video depictions of the Latino experience in the United States.

Suzanne Regan

Professor of Broadcasting/Communication Studies; Ph.D., University
of Massachusetts

Contact: (323) 343-4206


Dr. Regan's realm of expertise includes mass media, film history
and film theory, with emphasis on new media technology
and violence in media. History of television, international media, children and media, and women and media are also among Dr. Regan's

Robert Vianello
Professor of Broadcasting; Ph.D., UCLA

Contact: (323) 343-4213


Dr. Vianello, an expert on TV programming, was one of the
first two American professors to lecture about American television
in the People's Republic of China. His work on "Who Controls
containing the latest research in the field,
has been published and translated around the world.

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