Campus Road Becomes One


Campus Road
Becomes One-Way Street Due to Busway Renovation


Beginning Monday, March 22, 2004, Campus Road will become a one-way street for
vehicle and bus traffic.  This street restructuring is due to the renovation of
the busway station
(located at the south end of campus), scheduled to begin in
mid-March.  For the next nine to 12 months, the existing busway station will
undergo extensive reconstruction closing access for buses and shuttles.  Buses
will be rerouted onto Campus Road and will turn south on PRC (Paseo Rancho
Castilla).  A bus bench will be installed on the east side of Campus Road, where
passengers will now board buses and shuttles currently accessible at the busway
station.  Signage will also be posted to identify bus and shuttle stops.  The
street will also allow vehicle traffic northbound to PRC.  However, vehicles
will no longer be able to travel south on Campus Road.


When completed, the campus busway station will expand the existing bus hub to add bus bays, lighting and substantially improved safety and pedestrian access between the transit center and the campus. The project, funded by the City of Los Angeles, is expected to be completed by Winter Quarter 2005. It will serve as a transit center for Metrolink, the El Monte Busway, MTA lines 65, 71, 170 and 256, as well as neighborhood shuttles.


further information on this project, contact CSULA Commuter Services at (323) 343-5277.