Fall Faculty Day 2011


Fall Faculty Day 2011

Fall Faculty Day, Monday, September 19, 2011, you are invited to
participate in one moderated roundtable discussion on an issue related
to excellence in teaching and student learning (See below). This year
features a shorter, more interactive program.

Recent public discourse <bookmark below/ URL links to articles>
continues to put higher education on the defensive, and questions the
role of the university in improving the lives of our students. As the
idea of a college education is increasingly called to account by the
press and the public, we are asked to reflect upon our role in teaching
and learning. What does excellence look like in our discipline? How do
we represent that to our students? What does their success look like
relative to our profession?

Roundtable discussions will follow brunch and begin at 1:15. These
will last one hour. You are encouraged to sign up for a topic that
interests you. Please bring your ideas, best practices, and questions to
the table.

These discussions will help us lay the foundation for future
workshops and other support activities offered by the Center for
Teaching and Learning. Please also take our questionnaire <URL to
Zoomerang> regarding your specific needs and interests as a
teacher-scholar and CSULA faculty member.

We hope you will find these conversations thought-provoking,
relevant, and professionally helpful. Please join us.

2011 Fall faculty day planning committee:

Nancy Hunt, Steve Classen, Rennie Schoepflin, Valerie Talavera-Bustillo,
Steven Jones, Catherine Haras, Michelle Hawley, and Cheryl Ney


To sign up for Roundtable Discussions, please click here to continue.


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