CSULA Student Health Center: PH 496 Internship Program

Note: Thank you for your interest in our program. However, please be aware that:

  • Our fall 2013 positions are filled.
  • We have received more applications for winter and spring 2014 than we are able to accommodate. Though we continue to accept applications, it's very important that you continue to explore alternative internship opportunities.


The Health Promotion and Education Center (HPEC) offers internship opportunities to students enrolled in PH 496. Based on projected HPEC need, 2 - 4 internship positions are typically available each quarter (excluding summer).


Program Goals and Objectives

The goal of our program is to offer students practical opportunities to apply learned core community health education competencies in a university healthcare setting.

The HPEC internship is designed to provide an experience that enables students to:

  • Apply program planning, implementation, and evaluation skills;
  • Contribute to HPEC and other Student Health Center programming;
  • Gain practical knowledge of key college health issues;
  • Provide appropriate health information and referrals to fellow Cal State L.A. students; and
  • Learn basic life support skills.


Program Requirements

Participation in the HPEC internship program is contingent upon students:

  • Submitting a completed CSULA Student Health Center PH 496 Intern Application;
  • Successfully completing the HPEC intern interview; and
  • Being enrolled in PH 496 during the quarter in which intern activities are completed.
  • Not later than the first week of internship, providing valid proof (or signed declinations/waivers) of the following immunizations: hepatitis B, MMR, seasonal flu, and Tdap. Interns must also provide proof of a negative TB skin test or chest x-ray taken within 12 months of internship quarter prior to the completion of their first week of attendance. Interns are responsible for all costs associated with this requirement.

HPEC interns are expected to:

  • Conduct a needs assessment; and plan, implement, and evaluate an intervention that addresses a key college health issue;
  • Participate in Student Health Center programming;
  • Act as a resource and provide client appropriate health information and referrals;
  • Assist students seeking the services of the HPEC;
  • Meet with HPEC health educators on an ongoing basis to discuss project goals, progress, etc.;
  • Submit not later than week 9 of the internship quarter a report detailing the intervention project; and
  • Complete an exit interview during the last week of the internship quarter.


Application Process and Deadline

The primary selection criteria is an applicant's fit with the programming and personnel needs of the Health Promotion and Education Center (e.g., comfort level discussing certain health issues, availability). Applicants' grasp of core health education concepts, training, as well as communication and other skills are also taken into account in the screening process.

To ensure full consideration, prospective interns should submit a completed CSULA Student Health Center PH 496 Intern Application via email no later than week 2 of the quarter immediately prior to internship quarter of interest.

Applicants will receive notification regarding their interview and/or selection status via their official CSULA email address weeks 4 - 8 of the quarter in which an application is submitted.


Forms and Resources

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All applications must be submitted electronically.