Project Gear Up| Welcome


Welcome to Project GEAR UP at California State University, Los Angeles.

We are a federally funded college preparation program focused on assisting targeted first generation college-going middle school and high school students prepare for college.

Our unique college-preparation focus is on competitive university admissions.  This means our services and philosophy are aligned with the most competitive university admissions and financial aid processes from the California State University, the University of California, and Independent post-secondary institutions.  As a result, the students we serve become competitive applicants to the CSU, UC, Independents, Community Colleges, and all occupational opportunities during their senior year in high school.

After perusing our website, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 323-343-6080.  Our website is still “under construction” so please come back for new and exciting information.

We thank you for your interest in the successful college preparation of East Los Angeles.



Marcelo F. Vazquez, Ed.D.