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Tornado Procedure

These are proper and necessary emergency actions to be
taken when a tornado WARNING has been issued by FACILITY_KEY. You will
hear the emergency sirens and receive the warning verbally from Security. 
Move to your designated area and remain there until you receive official
notice that the WARNING has been lifted.

A Tornado WARNING Signal

A tornado has been sighted. Go at once to the area listed below. If you
see or hear the tornado coming, do not wait
for the Warning Signal--go to your shelter area if there is time, if not,
curl up on the floor and protect yourself. Lie face down, draw your knees
up under you, cover the back of your head with your hands.


Severe Thunderstorms:

Thunder, lighting, heavy rains, and strong winds.


Pellets of ice from dark-clouded skies.

Roaring Noise:

Like a hundred railroad locomotives; a crashing thunderous sound.


Dark, spinning "rope" or column from the sky to the ground