OCI Recruitment

On-Campus Interview Program
The On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program is offered as a cost-effective means for employers to select and interview Cal State LA seniors, graduate students and alumni.  This service is free of charge and available to employers who offer full-time, entry level opportunities that are paid on a salary basis and require an undergraduate or graduate degree
The Career Center advertises your job listings, provides online tools to help you receive résumés and schedule interviews, and offers on-campus facilities for conducting interviews.  All job descriptions, résumé submissions, and interview schedules are posted and managed through our online service, Eagle iJobs, which can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.  On-campus interviews are scheduled in the fall and spring, and may be conducted in one of the Career Center’s interview rooms or at the company.
2016 – 2017 OCI Dates
Fall 2016 Semester:  October 10 – November 18
Spring 2017 Semester:  TBD
Schedule Options – The following is an explanation of the available interview methods.
  • Open Method – Candidates who meet the minimum requirements that are outlined by the participating employer are able to sign up for an interview.  Employers are not required to review student résumés or supporting documents before students select an available interview time slot.
  • Pre-Select Method – Participating employers choose candidates for interviews based upon student résumé submissions.  Once candidates have been selected, an email notification is sent to students by the OCI coordinator.  Selected candidates are then encouraged to select an available on-campus interview time slot.
  • Résumé Drop Method – Participating employers choose candidates for interviews based upon student résumé submissions.  The employer notifies the selected candidates by email and arranges interviews that will be conducted at the company.
To learn more about the program contact Lucas Cuny, Campus and Community Relations Coordinator.

The University is committed to nondiscrimination and non-harassment in accordance with federal, state, and CSU policy. For more information and assistance contact the Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.