Student Employment Classification and Pay Plan

(The following general policy is effective January 1, 2007)

Students are employed on a part-time basis (maximum of 20 hours per week) and are assigned to clerical, technical, tutorial, maintenance, custodial or laborer assignments related to the instructional or administrative functions of the campus. The following class codes and class titles are designated for Cal State L.A. student employees [minimum enrollment requirements per quarter are indicated in brackets]:

Class Code Class Title
Student Assistant - Standard [Undergraduate - 6 quarter units, Graduate - 4 quarter units;
Federal Work-Study On-Campus [6 quarter units]
Federal/State Work-Study Off-Campus [6 quarter units]


A. Student Assistant:

1. Must have and maintain a minimum  GPA of 2.0 each quarter AND

2. Must be a currently enrolled student at Cal State L.A. at least half time during each quarter of employment. (Half-time enrollment is: undergraduate - 6 quarter units minimum, graduate - 4 quarter units minimum.) Only continuing students - prior enrollment in spring quarter and continuing enrollment in fall quarter - are excepted from the enrollment requirement during summer quarter.

B. Federal/State Work-Study:

1. Currently enrolled student - 6 quarter units minimum (federal and state regulations require that work-study students be enrolled during each quarter of employment).


2. Current Federal/State Work-Study award notification recipient - Center for Student Financial Aid.


Cal State L.A. and The California State University policy states that when school is in session, Student Assistant – Standard – 1870 Class employees may work up to, but not in excess of 20 hours per week. However, under certain campus emergency situations, it is permissible for a student to work up to, but not in excess of 30 hours per week.

A. Student Assistants - Standard - 1870 Class Code

1. Requests for Standard Student Assistants to work 21-30 hours per week when school is in session must be approved in advance. A request must be submitted in writing to the Director of the Career Center for approval. These requests must be limited to campus emergency situations.

2. During quarter breaks only, Student Assistants may work additional hours (maximum 40 hours) when approved in advance by the Director of the Career Center. The request must indicate the student’s name, SSN, dates, number of hours and a brief justification for the additional hours.

B. Federal/State Work-Study

1. Federal/State Work-Study employees may not exceed a 20-hour workweek when school is in session.

2. During quarter breaks only, Federal/State Work-Study students may work additional hours (32 hours maximum) when approved in advance by the Director of the Center for Student Financial Aid.


The pay rate within the salary range for an individual employee is determined by comparing the duties and tasks assigned to the classification standards. The classification and salary of a student employee should in no way be determined by the source of funds but should be determined utilizing the classification standards outlined below. All student employee salaries must fall between the minimum and maximum of the appropriate salary range. Equitable salary treatment is essential to the morale of student employees and requires that students performing comparable tasks receive comparable wages, regardless of their classification as Student Assistant or Work Study employees. Department heads are responsible for adhering to this policy.

The pay rate within the salary range for the appropriate classification should be determined as follows:

A. Upon initial employment, consideration should be given to the employee’s experience level and the corresponding pay rates of other student employees doing similar work. Newly hired student employees begin at the minimum of the range, depending on experience and skills.

B. In order to encourage continuing employment for student employees, the supervisor may recommend and the Department Head/Fiscal Officer may approve salary increases. Supervisors must complete a Student Employee Performance Appraisal at least once per year, at which time a salary increase should be considered.