Eagle iJobs Registration and Sign In

Access exclusive job listings and services for Cal State LA students and alumni through our website Eagle iJobs. Eagle iJobs not only provides off-campus, on-campus, and internship positions, it also allows you to manage the application process, upload resumes, track your activity, register for events, and find career mentors!

New Users
If you have not used our online job site before, you will need to register. During the registration process you must provide an Access Code. Your Access Code consists of the first letter of your first name in caps, the first letter of your last name in caps, plus the last six (6) digits of your Campus Identification Number.

Example: A student is Jane Doe and her Campus Identification Number is 000-12-3456. Her Access Code is JD123456.

During registration you will complete your personal profile (about 5 – 10 minutes) and create your Username and Password. Record your username and password for future reference. You now have access via any computer with internet access.

New users please click to register.
Attention: New students beginning in Fall 2016: You will be given access to Eagle iJobs on August 22nd.

Returning Users
If you have used Eagle iJobs before (formerly provided through MonsterTRAK), please click to access the secure login page.


Have an account on Eagle iJobs? You may continue to use Eagle iJobs by following the same directions as above. Once you have signed in, please go to “My Account” and “My Profile” to change your “Classification” to “Alumnus/a” under the section “Demographic Information.” If you are no longer able to access your account, please contact the Career Center.

Do not have an account on Eagle iJobs? Please contact the Career Center. To create your account, documentation of your alumni status will be requested.