BUS 3050 Business Communication

Career resources authored by BUS 3050 students under the advisement of Dr. Nina O'Brien.

Presented in spring 2017

Arneson, M., Chukwudi, N., Dueñas, A., Jimenez, C., & Wu, M.  The Essential Guide to Understanding Your Marketing Degree.
Carbajal, D., Gersten, A., Wong, K., Rocha, J., Rivera, M., & Nolazco, A.  Accounting: A career that adds up.
Cenetno, M., Diaz, C. A., Espinueva, C., Lee, Y., Puga, D., & Roncalli, S.  #Marketing.
Colindres, C. & Nguyen, N.  Transfer Students' Guide to Finance.
Garcia, G., Zaw, T., Velis, A., Garnica, J., Chavez, N., & Contreras, C.  The Transfer Students' Guide to Obtaining a Career in Human Resources.
Hernandez, R., Penunia, J., Yip, T., Algert, B., Laureano, R., & Sok, C.  Become a Tax-manian Devil: Ultimate guide to being a bonafide accountant.
Huamani, G., Mendez, S., & Mendoza, J.  Career Report: Information technology.