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Site Best Practices

In 2001, the Vice President
of Student Affairs, Dr. Tony Ross, instituted a division-wide committee
designed to examine and respond to various aspects of information technology.

The first project that the Committee undertook was to review, and provide
input to, the University Web Management Committee in their effort to revamp
the “look and feel” of the University home page.  Once
that task was completed, the Committee turned its attention to creating
a “Best Practices Manual” for
the development and maintenance of departmental web sites.  That
manual is now on line and serves as a valuable resource to the staff of
Student Affairs.

Future projects for the committee include reviews of new hardware/software;
training opportunities for staff, and more.  If you have ideas for
future projects, please contact me or one of the Information Technology
Committee members

We have a wonderful team made up of enthusiastic, hard-working, fun-loving
colleagues.  Please keep in touch.


Dr. Michael D. Fels,

Information Technology Committee

Division of Student Affairs

Ex:  3-3173