Best Practices - Resources

Practices - Resources

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    and Advice
  4. WTEC Staff
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  1. University
    Standardize Software
    : Microsoft Frontpage and Microsoft
    Photo Editor, Adobe Acrobat READER, FTP 95.

    Upgrade existing Frontpage 98 to 2000: With your Department
    or Director Approval, individual need to contact
    Sophia Lucas
    3-2613, in the Computer Center or by email. Need
    to provide your Computer Name for upgrade.

    Purchase Frontpage
    for Home use
    : pick up the “Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff Request
    for Microsoft Office 2000 Premium” Form from Cashier and obtain
    Supervisor approval. Then, take to the Cashier Office, Adm 128 to
    pick up software with payment of $20.

  2. Other Graphic
    : Flash, Adobe Software ex: Photoshop, Freehand), Microsoft
    Photo Draw: Individual must arrange with their Director or Department
    for any purchases.

  3. Adobe Acrobat
    : Individual must arrange with their Director or Department
    for any purchase in order to convert to PDF form and save to the PDF
    file. The Adobe Acrobat is used to allow you to convert papers, documents
    and images to PDF format and save data in PDF form.


Each Department could supply links for resources that would be helpful
for the students/Faculty/staff. This is depend on each department’s
need and purpose. For example: (Campus Map, Shuttle Service, etc.). This
can be accomplished by:

  1. Surveying selected
    users to see what they would find helpful additions to your site; 
  2. Surveying department
    staff to see what they think would be helpful.  

It is also important
to regularly (once per month at least) check the viability and usefulness
of the links that you create. Dead links or links that have changed since
they were first established may not be of use and only clutter your site.

Consultation and Advice

The Division of Student Affairs employs an Information Technology Cunsultant (ITC) for the Division. Currently,
that person is Mark Samora. He can be reached at 3-3078. His office is
in Student Affairs 127. 

The Division ITC can help with the following areas:

  1. Install the software
    applications (FTP for NT/Adobe Acrobat)
  2. How to upload or
    download the file(s) from the web by using FTP
  3. Setup users to get
    access to the Public Folder

Each department in Student
Affairs should have a resource person to whom it can turn for help with questions regarding
web development and maintenance. Here are the names, phone numbers and email addresses for the
Division of Student Affairs Technology/Web Development Committee. Any
member of the committee will be glad to help or to make an appropriate

Name, Phone Number, Email address & Department
Michael D. Fels 3-3173

International Programs and Services

Meynard Ancheta 3-6037

EOP Office

Michel Al Tawil 3-3170

International Programs and Services

Beatriz Encinas 3-3191 

Division of Student Affairs

Tuyet Castillo 3-3344

Student Health Center

Marisela Cervantes 3-3130

Outreach and Recruitment

Kevin Chua 3-3284

Career Planning and Placement

Joanne Wong 3-3939

Registrar's Office 

John Hartz 3-3939

Registrar's Office

Rafael Vargas 3-3380 

Educational Participation in Communities (EPIC)

Mark Samora 3-3078

Division of Student Affairs

John Slanina 3-3762

Office of University Admissions

Phillip B. White 3-3138 

Office for Students with Disabilities

Maria Ruiz 3-4810 

Housing Services

Chris Truong 3-3253

Center for Student Financial Aid

To install Frontpage
2000, contact Sophia Lucas
(3-2613) Computer Center.

To get access to the web, contact ATS for NIS account and contact
Antonio Hernandez
, Manager, ATS (3-2597) to setup.

To find out workshop schedule and on-line schedule from ATS, contact Linda
K. Wong
, 3-4594.


ATS regularly provides training for staff, faculty and
students who are responsible for web administration. This includes exposing
them to new software packages and/or updates regarding specific software
that is available in the market.

On-campus Training

There are an existing training programs available by ATS:

Trainme : Training is provided through a series of Hands on workshop and
On-line workbooks for staff at:

(Frontpage training program is not available at this point for staff,
but we can request from Chris Kaufman to have it available)

Off-Campus Professional Training:

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