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Admission Letters

    Z2/Z4 FL/VPA FTF    
    FTF FL/VPA FTF    
    Pre Honors FTF    
    Honors FTF    
    A1 FTF/Transfer    
    LD1 Spring 2004 NP LD    
    UD1 UD Fall/Spring    
    UD1i UD1 International    
    UD1 Win/Sum UD Winter/Summer    
    C Regular Probation    
    F Special Probation    
    UNC (with Major) Unclassified (Two Step)  
    UND (without Major) Undecided    
    G1 Conditionally Classified (One Step)  
    G5 Credential    
    Certificate Non-Degree    
    A2/OSP Professional One Step    
International Students
    A4 All    

Defer (Second Review) Letters

    SR Domestic    
    EOP SR EOP SR    
    D4/For International    

Denial Letters

  FTF/Lower Division Transfer
    D1 Domestic    
  Upper Division Transfers
    D2 Domestic    
    EOP/D EOP    
    Dfor International    

Informational Letters

    Dom/For Additional Information    

Missing Fee/Fee Waiver Denial Letters

    Fee Letter      

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