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Set up

To make it easy to get to the Letter Request Page, you want to
add it to your “Favorites” menu. When you are viewing
the Letter Request Page in your browser (Internet Explorer, for
example) chose “Add Page to Favorites” under the
“Favorites” menu. Now you should have “Letter
Request” as a menu option at the bottom of your
“Favorites” menu. Click here to go to the Letter Request Page.


Selecting Letter Type

From the Letter Request Page you can go to the specific type
of Letter Request Form for the letter you want to print. Simply
click on the letter type and you will be taken to the appropriate
Letter Request Form page.

Using the Letter Request Form

When you first go to a Letter Request Form page, most of the
fields will be blank. If you are returning to the form and there
is data left over from the previous letter you requested, use the
“Clear” button at the top of the page to empty the
fields. (Some fields and selection lists have default values,
such as “RM” for Residency Status. Using the
“Clear” button returns those fields and selection lists
to their default values.) You may use the “Clear”
button at any time if you want to start over filing out the form.

You can use you mouse to move around on the Letter Request
Form page, but it may be quicker to use the keyboard. You can use
the tab key to navigate through the fields and selection lists.
(Shift-tab is a “back-tab”, which moves you backward
through the fields.) When you have tabbed to a selection list,
you can use the cursor up and down keys to move through the
selections. You may also type the first letter of the choice you
want to get to that part of the alphabet in the selection list.

Fill out the appropriate fields and make the appropriate
selections from the selection lists. When you have finished
filling out the form, click on the “Submit” button at
the bottom of the form to have your letter printed.


Type the student's ID as you would into SIS+, without
spaces or hypens.


Enter the numeric code for the term, such as
“009” for fall 2000, “011” for winter
2001, etc.


Click “Yes” if the student is returning and
has a registration hold from a previous matriculation.


Click “Yes” if the student is continuing
directly from a baccalaureate degree at CSLA into a
graduate program.

Successful Letter Submission

Once you click the “Submit” button you will see a
page that says your letter request has been submitted
successfully. You may close your browser at this point if you are
finished using it. If you would like to request another letter,
you have two options.

  1. If you would like to request a letter of the same type as
    your previous letter, you may use the “back”
    button to return to the same Letter Request Form page you
    were just using. Be sure to use the “Clear”
    button when you return to that page to empty the contents
    of its fields.
  2. If you want to request a different type of letter, use
    the “Letter” button to return to the Letter
    Request Page.

You can also use the links at the bottom of the page to go to
the CSLA Home Page, the Admissions Home Page, or back to the
Letter Request Page.

Letter Submission Warning

After using the “Submit” button, you may see a page
that says “Letter Request Form Submission Warning - Your request to have this letter
printed has not been submitted.”

This page comes up if the Letter Request Form was submitted
with a required field left blank. Some fields are required, such
as SID, while other fields may be left blank as appropriate, such
as “Transcripts Required From:”.

Use the “Back” button to return to the Letter
Request Form page you just attempted to submit. In most cases,
you will not want to use the “Clear” button. Select the
field(s) left blank and enter the missing data. You can then
click on the “Submit” button again.


If you have any problems using these web based letter request
forms, please contact John Slanina at x3762 or . If you have any
questions or would like some assistance with these forms; or if
you have an idea that might improve they way these pages look or
work, please contact John.


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Last revised: August 13, 2000 by J. Slanina