CSULA Open Quarters - Spring 2011

Spring Quarter 2011

Special notice regarding Spring 2011 Admissions for Cal State L.A.
Charter College of Education

  • Spring 2011 Application filing period: October 5, 2010 –
    November 30, 2010
  • Applications are being accepted from select domestic upper
    division transfer and graduate (degree, credential, and certificate)
    applicants related to the Charter College of Education.
  • No applications will be accepted from F/J Visa, first time
    freshman, lower division transfer, and second baccalaureate
  • Coursework for Spring 2011 admissions eligibility must be completed by Fall 2010.

Admissions Applications will only be accepted for applicants in the
following categories:

Domestic Undergraduate (Upper Division
Transfer applicants only)

  • Applicants with major in Rehabilitation Services (RHBS) or Urban
    Learning with Professional Education Minor (URLN)
  • Applicants with any major (other than the majors listed above)
    AND an indication in planning to pursue a teaching credential.

Domestic Graduate/Credential/Certificate (no
2nd Bachelor’s Degree applicants)

  • Graduate/Post Baccalaureate applicants with one of the following
    CABAE Certificate - Applied Behavior Analysis in Educational
    CAUT Certificate - Autism
    CCARC Certificate - Career Counseling
    CCAS Certificate - Computer Applications in Schools
    CECSI Certificate - Early Childhood Special Education: Infancy
    CEDPE Certificate - Early Childhood Special Education:
    Preschool Emphasis
    CESLF Certificate - English as Second or Foreign Language
    CSTEL Certificate - Storytelling
    CRED Credential Only
    EDAD Educational Administration
    EDCI Education - Curriculum Instruction
    EDSP Special Education - MA
    EDUC Education - Computer Education
    EDUF Education - Educational Foundations
    EDUR Education - Reading and Language Arts
    EELB Education - Bilingual-Multicultural Elementary
    EELE Education - Early Childhood
    EEME Education - Mathematics
    TESL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Graduate/Post Baccalaureate students with any program (other
    than programs listed above) AND an indication that they plan to
    pursue a teaching credential this application term or at a later

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