CSULA Open Quarters

To apply to Cal State L.A., please visit CSU Mentor at

Special note to Graduate applicants:
In addition to the CSU Mentor Graduate Admissions Application, many
programs also require a separate departmental application. To
ensure full consideration of your application,
you must  submit any required separate application to your graduate
program of interest by the deadline date for the program.  For more
information, please visit the
Office of Graduate
and the

Important Information for Applicants

  • Fall 2012 Application filing periods
    • Undergraduates - Domestic – October 1, 2011 - November 30,
    • Undergraduates - International (F/J Visa) – October 1, 2011
      - April 2, 2012
    • Graduates – October 1, 2011 –

      May 15, 2012
  • Accepting DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL (F/J Visa) applications
    • First time Freshmen
    • Upper Division Transfers (includes returning students; no
      undeclared majors)
    • Graduates (degree, credential, and certificate)
  • Not accepting applications from:  
    • Lower Division Transfers (have less than 60 semester/90
      quarter transferable units)
    • Undeclared Upper Division Transfers 
    • 2nd baccalaureates
  • For undergraduate applicants, coursework completed through
    Spring 2012 will be considered for Fall 2012 admissions eligibility. 
  • Campus and program impaction policies apply.
  • Cal State L.A. will communicate with all applicants via email.


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