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Transfers: Request official transcripts
be sent directly from all colleges or universities previously attended
even if no coursework was completed. Transcripts must be received
in sealed envelopes from each institution attended. You should keep
personal copies of all transcripts and test scores to complete the
admission application and for academic advising sessions.

If transferring with fewer than 56 transferable
semester (84 quarter) units of study, you must also submit your high
school transcript. Applicants with 56 or more transferable semester
units may be asked to submit high school transcripts if admissibility
cannot be determined on the basis of college or university transcripts.

Test Scores

Freshman and transfer applicants who have fewer
than 56 semester or 84 quarter units of transferable college credit
must submit scores, unless exempt (see
Eligibility Index, from either the
Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT I) of the college Board or the American
College Testing Program (ACT). If you are applying to an impacted
program and are required to submit test scores, you should take the
test no later than early December if applying for fall admission.
Test scores are also used for advising and placement purposes. Registration
forms and dates for the SAT I or ACT are available form high school
or college counselors or from the Cal State L.A. University Testing
Center (323) 343-3160. Or you may write to or call:

The College Board (SAT I)

Registration Unit, Box 592, Princeton, NJ 08541

(609) 771-7588

American College Testing Program (ACT)

Registration Unit, P.O. Box 168, Iowa City, IA 52240

(319) 337-1270

TOEFL Requirement

All undergraduate applicants, regardless of citizenship,
who have not attended schools at the secondary level or above for
at least three years full time where English is the principal language
of instruction must present a score of 550 or above on the English
as a Foreign Language.

Required Placement Tests

The CSU requires new students to be tested in English
(English Placement Test--EPT) and Mathematics (Entry Level Mathematics
Test--ELM) as soon as possible after they are admitted. These are
not admission tests but determine eligibility to enroll in specific


All new and readmitted students born after January
1, 1957, will be notified of the requirement to present proof of measles
and rubella immunizations. This is not an admission requirement,
but is required of students by the beginning of their second term
of enrollment in CSU. Proof of measles and rubella immunizations is
also required for certain groups of enrollment who have increased
exposure to these diseases. This screening is performed by the Health

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Admission Requirements

Cal State L.A has an Educational Opportunity Program
for low-income undergraduate students who are disadvantaged because
of their economic and educational backgrounds. EOP serves California
residents who do not meet regular admission criteria, as well as those
who qualify for regular admission, if they have a history of low income
and need academic and financial assistance.

If you wish to be considered for admission through
EOP, complete item 12 of the application. In addition, you must complete
and submit the forms included in the EOP Information and Supplementary
Application booklet. The EOP booklet is available at the campus EOP
office. The EOP office can be reached at (323) 343-4367.

Because the number of EOP places is limited, you should
file your
application for admission and EOP
forms early in the filing period.

International (Foreign) Student Admission Requirements

The CSU must assess the academic preparation of foreign
applicants. For this purpose, "foreign students" include
those who hold U.S. Visas as students, exchange visitors, or other
nonimmigrant classifications.

The CSU uses separate requirements and application
filing dates in the admission of foreign students. Verification of
English proficiency (see the
TOEFL section),
financial resources, and academic performance are all important considerations.
Official academic records from foreign institutions must be on file
at least eight weeks before registration for the first term and, if
not written in English, must be accompanied by certified English translations.
Priority for admission is given to California residents.

Residence Classification Information

Under California law, the campus must determine
the residence status of all new and returning students. Non-residents
are required to pay nonresident tuition and meet other conditions.

Generally, to be eligible for resident classification,
an adult applicant must have established and maintained permanent
residence in California at least one year prior to the residence determination
date. Residency determination of minors is based on the residency
status of their parents. Residence determination dates for each academic
term are:

Residence Determination Dates

Proof of residence requires evidence of both
physical presence and intent to remain indefinitely in California
at least one year before the residence determination date. In addition,
other rules and exceptions apply.

Failure to complete all residence questions may
result in a nonresident classification or denial of admission.

Residence Classification Appeal Process

Following a final decision by a campus on residence
classification, students may make a written appeal to the Office of
General Counsel at the address below within 120 days of the notification
of the final determination of the classification. That office may
make a decision on the issue or send the matter back to the campus
for further review.

To file an appeal of residence classification,
write to The California State University, Office of General Counsel,
400 Golden Shore, Long Beach, California 90802-4275.

If you have questions about the regulations that
govern residence determination or your status under those regulations,
refer to the summary of the regulations that appears in the campus
catalog or consult the
Office of
Admissions and University Outreach

Children's Center and Child Care

Child care services are available to student parents at the Anna
Bing Arnold Child Care Center. Contact the Center at (323) 343-2470
for further information.

Educational Equity Programs

CSU campuses have a number of programs and services
for applicants and students from underrepresented groups.

The Educational Opportunity Program serves low-income
and ethnically underrepresented students disadvantaged because of
economic and educational background. The program provides admission,
academic, and financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students.
Applicants must meet income criteria. Check with the campus EOP office
to see if you qualify.

The Disabled Student Services Program provides
educational support services to help students with physical, visual,
hearing, or learning disabilities. Services may include registration
assistance, campus orientation, handicapped parking, on-campus transportation,
notetakers, readers, sign language interpreters, test-taking assistance,
assessment of learning disability, tutoring, transcription, disability
related counseling, adaptive equipment, and referral information.
For additional information, check item 21 on the application form
and contact the Students with Disabilities office at (323) 343- you
are interested in attending.

International (Foreign) Students

The International Student Services Office assist students
with Immigration and Naturalization Service regulations and advises
them on the adjustments required to live in a different culture. They
can be contacted at (323) 343-3170.

Nontraditional Students

Admission assistance, personal counseling, academic
and career advising for persons returning to college after a long
absence are available.
Office of
University Admissions
for additional information about these services.

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