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Cal State LA - MFA in TV, Film, & Theatre Arts


This New MFA Degree Program will be established in the Fall of 2008 


Reflecting Creative Reality  

Students in this program, no matter their option, will gain expertise in the creation of Television, Film, and Stage productions.
The development of this expertise will enable  students to realize their creative visions in any dramatic performance venue that presents itself.
With the unique resources of Los Angeles providing an ideal environment for study, the
MFA in Television, Film and Theatre at California State University, Los Angeles will offer three formal options in a unique collaborative environment.

Option 1: Performance / Acting:

Students in this option will have the opportunity to perform in five or six different theatrical
venues prior to completing their degree and will earn their Actors Equity union cards.

The Performance / Acting Option includes acting for the stage, television and film.


Option 2: Production:

Students in this option will gain expertise in all related media through all stages of production in
Television, Film and Stage.

Students in the Production Option benefit from industry guest artists and from the Film / Television production faculty who continue to work and interact with the industry.


Option 3: Dramatic Writing:

Students in this option will write across the three venues of television, film, and stage.

In collaboration with students in the Performance and Production Options, students in the Dramatic Writing option will have the opportunity to see their works produced in professional theatrical / telecast exhibition and stage production-quality student projects.


All students will complete three major projects - one in each venue of: Theatre, Multi-Camera Studio Television, and Single Camera Cinema.




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