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Television Newsmagazine Production

TVF 475

These works are produced at California State University, Los Angeles, by students in the Television, Film, and Media Studies division of the Communication Studies Department.

In the Television Newsmagazine Production course (TVF 475) taught by Jon Beaupré, students build skills working in a fast-paced television journalism environment. Cal State L.A.'s Eagle I View program is a student news production that incorporates studio production, electronic news gathering (ENG), newsroom workflow management, and on-air reporting.

Television Newsmagazine Production:

Addressing contemporary topics, Cal State L.A.'s Television Newsmagazine show, Eagle I View, assembles the unique perspectives of student producers into an informative, relevant, and often controversial 60 minute program.

The latest installment of Eagle I View examines and challenges various beliefs and topics relating to human sexuality in our contemporary culture.


Cal State LA Studios:

The production area of the Television, Film, and Media Studies major is supported by state of the art production facilities, studios, postproduction labs and suites, and a host of professional grade resources including digital studio and control room equipment, and field production 16mm cameras, DV and HD camcorders and related support equipment.

Located a mere 10 minutes from the heart of Hollywood, Cal State LA enjoys a reputation as one of the foremost production schools in the California State University system.

About the Instructor:

Jon Beaupré is Associate Professor of Broadcast Journalism in the Communication Studies Department at Cal State LA. He is an award-winning journalist, with years of experience as a radio journalist on National Public Radio, Bloomberg News, Sirius Satellite Radio, and a long series of syndicated radio programming including Market Place, The California Report, Latino USA, Living on Earth, The Looseleaf Book Program, and others. He was a founding reporter on the statewide television program California Connected and is a frequent host on NPR station KPCC in Pasadena California. He is the winner of 10 Golden Mike awards from the RTNA of Southern California, 7 from the L.A. Press Club, 4 from the Assoc. Press, and awards from the National Association of Community Broadcasters, the California Chicano News Media Association, and the University of Nebraska for coverage of people with disabilities. At Cal State L.A., Professor Beaupré teaches a wide range of production classes including Television Newsmagazine Production, Media Law, Documentary, Audio Production and Announcing and continues to expand the scope of his expertise and studies through the use of multimedia and the web. He is the creator of, a comprehensive resource for the critical study of documentary film and video.

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TVF 475 Newsmagazine Production

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Winter 2006 Episode: "Crossing the Lines- Sexuality, Intimacy, and Diversity"

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