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Documentary Production

TVF 430

These works are produced at California State University, Los Angeles, by students in the Television, Film, and Media Studies division of the Communication Studies Department.

In the Documentary Production course (TVF 430) taught by Alan, students learn documentary preproduction, production, and postproduction  through lecture and lab sessions, various exercises, and the completion of individual and group projects. This 10-week course empowers students with the strategies, technology, applications, and aesthetics essential to the professional production of documentaries.


The last two projects of the course are music video productions. Working individually or in small groups, students produce, shoot, and cut finished documentary work - the first documentary assignment allows students to create stort individual productions, yet requires students to adhere to a set of strict production criteria through a series of exercises. The guidelines for the final documentary production require each production team to shoot an original documentary.  Projects from this class have won numerous awards at regional, state, national and international festivals  and competitions.

Cal State LA Studios:

The production area of the Television, Film, and Media Studies major is supported by state of the art production facilities, studios, postproduction labs and suites, and a host of professional grade resources including digital studio and control room equipment, and field production 16mm cameras, DV and HD camcorders and related support equipment.

Located a short 10 minute drive from the heart of Hollywood, Cal State LA enjoys a reputation as one of the foremost production schools in the California State University system.

About the Professor:

Professor Alan Bloom Alan Bloom, professor of film and video production, has been on the faculty at Cal State LA since 1981; with two years leave (82-84) to work as Program Director in charge of the Video Center at The American Film Institute. Prior to joining the faculty at CSLA he taught at Temple University in Philadelphia, West Virginia State College and California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. As a director, producer and/or writer he has made more than 280 films and videotapes over the last 40 years. During the last three decades his work has been primarily documentaries and music videos. Film is the most collaborative art form and requires the coordinated efforts of writers, cinematographers, directors, performers and others. Professor Bloom has been able to work with some wonderful artists including Edward James Olmos, John Wesley Harding, Bobby McFerrin, Kristin Hersh, LaVar Burton, cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond and choreographer Peter Pucci.

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