Cal State LA Studios - Final Cut Tutorial Pt. 5





Once your project is completed, you need to output it from the computer onto a tape.


First, INSERT A BLANK TAPE into the VTR.

(Make sure the "Record Inhibit" switch on the back of the tape cassette is not set to prevent recording)


Now, click anywhere in the Timeline window, then select "Print to Video" from the "File" menu.

This will open the "Print to Video" window.


Select checkboxes to include Color Bars, Black Leader, a Slate, or a Countdown at the beginning (or "Leader")of the tape.


It's usually a good idea to check the "Automatically Start Recording" checkbox as well.


Once you have customized the tape "Leader", click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window.


If you have selected any custom Leader options, or have video in your project that needs to be "rendered" (effects, transitions, etc.) then a "Writing Video..." pop-up window will appear.


Now the video is ready to be recorded to your tape. The screen will go black and this window will pop up. Click "OK" to record to your tape.

After the project has been recorded, the regular Final Cut Pro layout screen will reappear on your computer monitor.


Make sure you play your newly recorded tape to check for any audio or video problems before closing Final Cut Pro.