Cal State LA Studios - Final Cut Tutorial Pt. 2






With your DV tape in the VTR, choose "Log and Capture" from the "File" menu at the top of the screen.


This should open up the "Log and Capture" window in the middle of the screen. If your tape is in the VTR and the VTR is connected properly, you should be able to see your video and the "VTR OK" message should be seen at the bottom of the window under the video controller.



The VTR can be controlled using the controls on the "Log and Capture" window. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate through your video:

Spacebar = Play, pause




Click and drag on the shuttle control to quickly move through your tape - Click and drag to the left for reverse; to the right for fast forward.


Log and Capture involves 4 steps:


Step 1:

Name the clip you are going to capture by typing a name for the clip in the "Description" box.

Step 2:

Play the tape

(allow several seconds on the tape ahead of where you want to begin capturing)


Step 3:

Click the capture "Now" button


A large window should open up displaying your footage as it plays. At the bottom of the window it should say "Now Capturing - press 'esc' to stop"


Step 4:

Press the escape ("esc") key

The "esc" key is in the upper left-hand corner of your keyboard.

After you capture each clip, it will be added to the list of clips in the BROWSER window


Repeat these 4 steps until you have captured all of the footage you need from the tape!