Cal State LA Studios - Final Cut Tutorial Pt. 1




External Hard Drive - Also knoore starting up Final Cut Pro to edit.

  • Connect your power supply to your hard drive and plug it in to the powerstrip on the desk.

  • Connect your hard drive to the computer using your own cable. Connections are on the front of the computer near the power button.

Mac G5/Mac Pro
Firewire AND USB 2.0 connections on front of computer near power button.

If your Hard Drive is connected properly, its icon will appear on the desktop.


Next, click on the Final Cut Pro icon in the "Dock" (the dock may be positioned on the left, right, or bottom of the screen - it may also be hidden, so if you don't see it, move your mouse cursor around near the edges of the screen).


If the Final Cut Pro icon cannot be found in the dock, double click the main computer icon ("Pacino HD" in this example) then open the applications folder, and double click the Final Cut Pro icon from there.

When Final Cut Pro starts up, you may see a registration window appear, if so, click "Register Later" to make this window go away.


Another window that should pop up during the start up is the "Choose Setup" window. At the bottom of this window there is a box to select your SCRATCH DISK.  IMPORTANT - SET THE "PRIMARY SCRATCH DISK" BOX TO YOUR EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE'S NAME, THEN CLICK THE "OK" BUTTON

Failure to set the scratch disk to your external hard drive will result in files being stored in incorrect locations and deleted. THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH

Next, a window MAY pop up that is titled "External A/V"
This window appears if Final Cut Pro is unable to find or communicate with the Mini-DV VTR (Video Tape Recorder, or "deck"). Make sure the VTR is plugged in, turned on, and has no loose connections, then click the "Check Again" button in the bottom of the window.

If the window re-appears, check the cable connections on the back of the VTR to make sure they are not loose, missing, or connected improperly.

Hopefully, everything has gone well so far, and Final Cut Pro starts up. The Final Cut Pro window layout includes 4 large windows ("Browser", "Viewer", "Canvas", and "Timeline" ), and 2 small, narrow windows ("Tools" and "Audio Meters").



Before you continue any further, you should save your project (frequent saving is a good habit to get into).


Using the "File" pull-down menu at the top of the screen, select the "Save Project" command.







When the "Save" window pops up, give your project a unique filename (perhaps using your own name or initials) and make sure you are saving the project to your EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE.


Saving your project to your EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE does not happen automatically when you first set your SCRATCH DISK settings. This is a separate operation, but is only required the very first time you save each new project.

At this point you are ready to get your footage from the Mini-DV tape into the computer, using the "LOG AND CAPTURE" command