Alan Bloom's Documentary Production Class

Cal State LA Studios TVF 430
Documentary Production
Kid Row
Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Jennifer Ernest and her team spent many nights on the streets of Hollywood and Los Angeles to document the lives of the young and homeless.  Candid interviews and an unblinking eye trail this film’s subjects as they move around the invisible world they inhabit.
Running From The Devil
Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Daniel Meza and his team tell the story of domestic abuse in a gut wrenching and unnerving way.  The filmmakers take an unwavering eye to the exploration of this all too common problem.  Riveting first person accounts, confrontational tactics and expert testimony make for a compelling and informative viewing experience.
Reconstructing The Golden Era Film Score
Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Jeron Moore has created an informative and insightful look at the restoration of classic film scores.  Beautifully and effectively told, Jeron weaves together interviews and history to illustrate the cultural value and artistic power of this nearly lost work.
Lucha Libre 4 LIFE
Saturday, June 17, 2006
An award winning examination of the history, culture and obsession of Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling).  Meet the fans, the wrestlers (masked and otherwise), their families and promoters who make up the world of this entertaining and surprisingly dangerous sport.  Directed by Jerry Sanchez this film took the top prize in the documentary category at the 2005 California State University state wide Media Arts Festival.
Friday, June 16, 2006
Three time state wide award winner and the recipient of national and international student video awards Katy Savage has created a insightful portrait of life in the California town of Carpinteria.
Eighty and Above
Friday, June 16, 2006
Darren Gray Ward has created a compelling documentary on the benefits of exercise for the elderly.  An amazing look at the lives of seniors who have received a second lease on life thanks to the intervention of a profoundly devoted physical therapist.
Last Refuge
Friday, June 16, 2006
Director  Murad Aldin Amayreh and his team have created a impressive examination into the effects of rampant enforcement of the Patriot Act on the lives of American families.  In depth interviews with the victims of careless and brutal federal authorities is hard to turn away from.  This video took the award for best documentary of the year at the 2006 CSLA Student Media Arts Festival.
Pouch of Life
Friday, June 16, 2006
Walter Ruiz directs a moving and penetrating look at obesity; it’s causes and treatment.  The filmmakers in depth interviews with doctors and sufferers as well as a willingness to put his own life under the microscope makes for a very compelling viewing.
Drug Love
Sunday, May 14, 2006
Director Laura Lester and her team have created a searing vision of the contemporary drug culture.  “Drug Love” is an unflinching look at the lives and stories that combine to inhabit this unique and often unsettling universe.  Interviews with drug dealers, consumers and experts paint a remarkable image of a society that needs to adjust it’s priorities in order to develop a more realistic and effective drug policy.  
Sunday, May 7, 2006
Shot and Edited by Phil Wooledge, “Screens” is a portrait of a young artist who finds his outlet through the creation of bold and unique silk screened fashions.   A perceptive and revealing look at the mechanisms of artistic expression. This documentary short was created as an individual introductory exercise in our documentary production class.
Sunday, May 7, 2006
A short documentary by Susie Roteman.  “Unhooked” chronicles the struggle of a young women to overcome over a decade of substance abuse.  A powerful, sensitive and probing look at the mechanisms of Heroin addiction. This documentary short was created as an individual introductory exercise in our documentary production class.
A one quarter (10 Week) video field production class stressing aesthetics and techniques of documentary production.   Beginning individually and then in groups students, at California State University Los Angeles, produce documentary shorts on a wide diversity of subjects.