Study Skills Workshops

College Success Series


The presentations are free and open to all Cal State LA students. Handouts are provided.
You can sign up ahead of time in person at the center or by phone in order to reserve a seat. Verification of Attendance forms are available upon request at the end of the presentation.

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Taking notes can be very difficult, but good notes are very important. Test questions most likely will derive from lecture notes, so as college students you need an organized note-taking system that is effective and efficient. This presentation will offer some suggestions for meeting these goals. 

Time Management

College life is busy! As students, you can feel overwhelmed and exhausted. You can avoid procrastination and disorganization with better time management. This presentation will offer suggestions for coping with these problems through the use of agendas, schedules, and self- monitoring tactics. 


Taking tests can be very stressful, especially if you are not prepared. The stress and lack of organization can lead to low grades. Taking a test involves more than knowing the subject matter. This presentation will offer some suggestions for reducing this anxiety through learning effective test-taking skills.

Workshop Policies

  • Seating begins 15 minutes before the presentation starts.
  • Check-In at the front desk before going to the workshop area.
  • Be sure your name is on the attendance roster.
  • Students who have signed up prior to the presentation will have priority seating.
  • The seats of students on the attendance roster who arrive more than 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time may be given to students who are present and on the waiting list.
  • No food allowed in the workshop area.
  • Cellphones and mobile devices should be off.
  • Attendance verifications will not be signed or given if arriving 10 minutes after scheduled starting time or leaving early before the presentation ends.
  • Presentation will be canceled if no one attends after 15 minutes.


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