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The University Tutorial Center is offering Online Tutoring (evenings and weekends--see NetTutor Live Tutoring Schedule below).

A Moodle course titled University Tutorial Center Online has been created as your portal to online tutoring services.

First time users should follow the steps below to self-enroll for that Moodle course.

Important: Already enrolled students need not self-enroll again. Simply log into Moodle or MyCalStateLA Portal to access the course.

To Self-Enroll:

Step 1: Please complete the "Student Information Survey" and submit. Once you complete the survey, you will receive an email with the self-enrollment key.

First Time Enrollment: Student Information Survey Click Here

Step 2*: Once you have the self-enrollment key, log into Moodle from the MyCalStateLA Portal or Moodle Login page (top right corner). In Moodle, click on "Courses", and search for University Tutorial Center Online. Enter the self-enrollment key upon finding the course. This step will complete enrollment, and from then on you can simply log into Moodle and click on University Tutorial Center Online. For more details, see the "Accessing Moodle Instructions" handout below.

NOTE: If you had difficulty enrolling before, the problem has been fixed and Self-Enrollment has been activated as of 8/31/16.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


How Does Online Tutoring Work:

There are two options for online tutoring.

PLANS TO BE OPERATIONAL THIS SEMESTER--Option 1: During the evenings, Sunday through Saturday, 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., select WiseGuy to work with one of the Center's regular tutors with whom you may be used to working.  For this first semester, we will be tutoring MATH 0920 (Beginning Algebra), 0930 (Intermediate Algebra), 1020 (College Algebra) and 1040 (Precalculus) so that both the tutors and students can become familiar with the tutoring platform.  You will be able to select an appointment day and time listed online from a computer/laptop or mobile device.  Include in your message the course department and number and what you would like to cover.  The tutor will send you a confirmation message.  When you appointment time arrives, you will need a laptop or desktop computer and high-speed internet to be tutored.



Information iconUniversity Tutorial Center Live WiseGuy ONLINE TUTORING SCHEDULE: NOT YET AVAILABLE

                         Option 2: When the Center is closed, like evenings and weekends, or during final exams week, select NetTutor. One of the tutors from NetTutor will be in a room ready to tutor you in accounting, business, finance, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and the social sciences. Certain subjects have specific tutoring times. See the NetTutor Live Tutoring Schedule* below.

NetTutor logo              Information icon    NetTutor LIVE TUTORING SCHEDULE: Click here

                                                               NetTutor User Manual: Click here

Online Tutoring Evaluation

When you have finished using either option, please complete the Online Tutoring Evaluation on the Moodle course home page.

We want to hear your comments and suggestions to decide whether to continue this pilot project next year.

You may also send questions and/or comments to the Center's email address at