About the Center

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About the University Tutorial Center handout: Click here


Our Services and Center are:

  • Free to all current Cal State LA students.
  • Available through one-on-one appointment, walk-In, or online basis.
  • Successful in developing skills, increasing knowledge, and understanding course subject matter, as reported by over 98% of the students tutored.
  • Staffed with helpful and friendly office assistants and qualified, trained, faculty-recommended peer tutors certified by the International Tutor Certification Program of the College Reading and Learning Association [CRLA Certification].

The Tutors will:

  • Assist you in a collaborative & interactive fashion to gain independence and confidence as a learner.
  • Not do your homework for you but enable and encourage you to do your own work
  • Help develop your knowledge, understanding, and skills in a variety of courses in such fields as business, mathematics, the natural sciences, and humanities.
  • Help improve your time management, note-taking, and test-taking skills through study skills workshops/presentations.

The Center's History & Mission:

The University Tutorial Center was started in 1979 by students and staff who saw a need to have peer tutors available for assistance on the Cal State LA campus.


For over 35 years, the Center and its staff have contributed to the learning and college experience of Cal State LA students.


The Center's academic mission is to help students better prepare, improve their knowledge and understanding, and develop the skills necessary to be successful not only in college, but in their future careers.


The Center's quality of service mission is to make all students feel welcomed and comfortable; our aim is to create a place where students will want to come back to and tell their classmates and friends about. 

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