Publishing Content

Content must be published in order to be visible to the public. Once content is in a Needs Review state, a group approver or group administrator can review and publish it. A group editor cannot publish content.

To publish content:

  1. Navigate to the homepage of the group that contains the content you want to publish. If you know the URL of the group homepage, enter it in the web browser's Address bar. If you do not know the URL of the group homepage, click your username on the right side of the administrative toolbar to display your user page, and then click the group name under Group membership.

  2. Click the Group tab at the top of the group homepage.

Tabs on the group homepage

  1. On the Group administrative page, click the Find Content link.

Group administrative page

  1. On the Content administrative page, click the Needs Review tab to display a list of all the content in the group that is in a Needs Review state.

Note: You can sort the list by clicking the column header of the field that you want to sort by. You can also filter the list by using the Title or Type fields at the top of the page to enter or select the desired criteria, and then clicking the Apply button to display the results.

  1. To display and review the content before publishing, click the page title in the Title column.

Needs Review tab of the Content administrative page

  1. If the page has never been published, the draft version displays by default. If the page has previously been published, the published version displays by default; click the View draft tab at the top of the page to display the draft version.

  2. To publish the content, click the Moderate tab at the top of the unpublished page.

Unpublished Page

  1. On the Moderate administrative page, in the Moderation Actions column, make sure that the moderation state is set to Published, and then click the Apply button.

Moderate administrative page

  1. When you are finished, click the Close button Close button in the upper-right corner of the overlay.

Note: If you know the URL of the page that needs to be published, you can also publish it by navigating directly to the page, clicking the View draft tab to display and review the content, clicking the Moderate tab to display the Moderate administrative page, setting the moderation state to Published, and then clicking the Apply button.