Editing Faculty Webpages

Current faculty members have a webpage on the new Cal State LA web platform. By default, these pages contain a faculty member's first name, last name, college affiliation, and email address. Faculty members may edit their webpage to add additional information as desired. A faculty template is also available to assist with the development of content.

Note: If you do not have a faculty webpage on the web platform, you can request to have a page created for you by filling out the Faculty Web Space Request Form.

To edit your faculty webpage:

  1. Log into the Cal State LA web platform. For instructions, see Logging In.

  1. On your user page, click the View Faculty Webpage link.

User page

  1. On your faculty webpage, click the Edit tab.

Faculty webpage

  1. The Edit form displays. Update the information in the Title, First Name, Last Name, College, Department, Office Location, Room, Phone, Email, and Additional Website fields as necessary. The Title field is required and should include your first name and last name.

  2. To add a photo to your faculty webpage, in the Photo field, locate and select the photo that you want to add, click the Upload button, and then enter a short description for the photo in the Alternate text field.

Photo field

  1. In the Body field, enter any additional information you want to include on your faculty webpage. To use the faculty template, click the Templates button Templates button on the WYSIWYG toolbar, select the Faculty template, and then replace the placeholder text with your own content. For detailed instructions, see Using Templates.

  2. Leave the Type field set to Faculty.

Type field

  1. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Edit form to save the changes.