Creating Content

The Cal State LA web platform includes several content types which can be used by web authors to create different types of content. Each content type has a specific set of fields.

Content TypeDescription
AnnouncementUse to post announcements in the right-column sidebar on every webpage within the selected group.
ArticleUse to create time-sensitive content such as news or press releases.
FAQUse to create a Frequently Asked Questions page. Questions and answers can be grouped into categories.
PageUse to create static content such as an About Us page.
SlideshowUse to create image slideshows.
StaffUse to create a page that displays staff members with their contact information. Staff members can be grouped into categories.
WebformUse to create online forms for collecting information from website visitors. Submission results can be viewed, emailed, or downloaded.

Content types are listed on the Add content administrative page which can be accessed by clicking the Add content link on the shortcut bar. The content types that are available to web authors will vary depending on their user permissions.

Add content administrative page