Administrative Interface

After logging into the Cal State LA web platform, web authors will see the administrative toolbar and shortcut bar at the top of the page. The administrative toolbar (the black bar) includes links to the main administrative pages. The shortcut bar (the gray bar) provides quick access to frequently used administrative pages. The links that are available on the administrative toolbar and shortcut bar will vary depending on a user's permissions.

Administrative toolbar and shortcut bar

Administrative pages display in an overlay which floats on a layer above the current page. An overlay can be closed by clicking the Close button Close button in the upper-right corner of the overlay.

Administrative overlay

Web authors can view a list of all the groups that they have been given access to by clicking their username on the right side of the administrative toolbar to display their user page. Clicking a group name under Group membership displays the homepage of that group.

User page

Web authors who have access to modify a webpage will see tabs below the page title. These tabs allow web authors to manage the page content. The Group tab only appears on group homepages.

Content management tabs