Executive Board

Our executive board members work closely with the SHAC advisor to develop engaging educational programs and events to promote student health on campus. Every SHAC member is given the opportunity to run for an executive position. Elections are held in spring for the following year.


Exec group picture

SHAC Executive Board 2019-2020

Picture of SHAC President
Jessica Valadez

Major: Biology, Senior

VP of Outreach
Joseph Sumbu
VP of Outreach

Major: Public Health, Senior

Marjorie Rojas
Marjorie Rojas
VP of Operations

Major: Public Health, Senior

VP marketing
Jonathan Chan
VP of Marketing

Major: Business Administration-Accounting, Junior

Picture of Mental Health Chair
Denh Vong
Mental Health Chair

Major: Nutrition, Senior

Picture of sleep and relaxation chair
Marylisa Salan
Sleep & Relaxation Chair

Major: Public Health, Senior

picture of alcohol and tobacco executive member
Denia Bradshaw
Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Chair

Pursuing an EdD in Educational Leadership

Picture of sexual health chair
Jhoanna Avelino
Sexual Health Chair

Major: Public Health, Junior

Picture of nutrition and fitness chair
Nalla Fajardo
Nutrition & Fitness Chair

Major: Nutritional Sciences, Sophmore