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Call 911 in an Emergency or if You or Someone Else is in Imminent Danger

Caution: Please be aware that phone, tablet, computer and other device activity may be monitored. It can be safer for victims and survivors to obtain information using a device a perpetrator does not have potential access to. For more information, visit or contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline • 800.799.7233 or 800.787.3224 (TTY).

Project SAFE is the Student Health Center Health Promotion and Education Center's dating and domestic violence, sexual misconduct and violence, and stalking awareness program. Our goal is to assist the Cal State LA community in recognizing risk (perpetration and victimization), enhancing risk reduction skills, and improving incident response.

Confidential Survivor Assistance and Advocacy

These services include crisis intervention counseling and, upon request and with survivors’ consent, assisting survivors with law enforcement and campus official notifications (e.g., Title IX Coordinator), educating students on their rights, connecting students with community support services, advocating on students’ behalf with campus officials. Note: mandatory reporting may apply. You have the right to ask our providers for their reporting obligations prior to disclosing your situation.

Educational Resources

From original Project SAFE materials to Cal State LA policies and procedures to resources by agencies such as Break the Cycle, educational and survivor assistance materials are made available in the Center, at its activities and online.

Guest Lectures and Workshops

Guest lectures range from healthy living discussions which incorporate dating/domestic violence, sexual misconduct and violence, and stalking to issue-specific presentations, such as acquaintance rape.

Workshops are offered in recognition of national awareness months – healthy relationships/relationship violence (Oct. – National Domestic Violence Awareness Month), stalking (Jan. – National Stalking Awareness Month), and consent (April – National Sexual Assault Awareness Month).

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