Support Groups and Workshops

These valuable groups and workshops help students develop and maintain healthy strategies and skills for addressing challenges. The privacy of all disclosures by clients in workshops and groups is protected by state and federal laws and the Cal State LA Student Conduct Code. To further protect our clients' privacy and the integrity of our groups and workshops, CAPS does not provide documentation of attendance to be used for extra credit or as an assignment for classes or organizations.

  • CAPS' workshops are confidential, nonjudgmental, skill-based clinical sessions where clients are guided in using highly effective mental health skills. All workshops are led by licensed psychotherapists who are highly experienced in working with multicultural undergraduate and graduate students. 
  • CAPS' groups are ongoing and process oriented. Group members meet over a longer period of time and receive support from each other as they develop insight and gain skills.

Contact CAPS at 323.343.3300 or visit us at the Student Health Center, Station 4, 2nd level for additional information.

Group and Workshop Schedule

CAPS Workshops and Groups

Adulting with Parents

Transitioning to adulthood can strain our relationships with our parents. Come learn some communication and coping skills that can make adulting with parents less stressful!

Anxiety Support Group

Anxiety, stress, worry, fear… it can be overwhelming and isolating. Come join others who may be feeling similarly, and learn tools for managing and reducing anxiety symptoms.

Awakening Joy

Do you ever feel stuck in a cycle of stress? Like you have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy life? Come learn coping skills and make a plan to awaken joy in your life again.

Becoming Your Best Self

Improve your self-esteem and self-image by identifying and deconstructing your old patterns of self-criticism and doubt.

Big Results with Mini-Meditations

Come and learn about the mind-body connection and how using meditation skills can reduce feelings of anxiety and distress, as well as improve overall quality of living.

Conquering Social Anxiety

Come learn how to clear your path to self-confidence in social situations. In this workshop you will learn how to identify what keeps you blocked, and how to remove or get around those obstacles.

Con Madre

Navigating mothers isn’t as easy as it appears on TV. This influential dynamic is filled with highs and lows. Join us for this heart centered workshop and learn coping and communication skills to help you to authentically engage this relationship while maintaining your positive well-being.

Creating and Maintaining Boundaries

Establishing and holding boundaries is an important part of healthy relationships...but it's hard! Learn a few tips that can help you to set appropriate boundaries with friends, partners, co-workers, and family.

Creating a Self-Care Plan

Want more vitality, contentment, and connectedness and less despair? Yes, please! Participants will be guided in the development of their own self-care plan.

De-Stress Yourself

Come and learn about the difference between everyday stress and anxiety. You will be taught Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), a relaxation skill proven to be effective for managing anxiety.

Effective Communication for Relationships

Communication is key for a successful relationship and in this workshop, you will get a chance to learn about and practice using “I” statements and reflective listening skills.

Getting Un-Stuck

Feeling stuck, unhappy, procrastinating, or withdrawing from others? You will be guided in identifying patterns of “stuck” behavior and thinking in the areas of self-confidence, self-reliance, independence, and self-esteem.

Surviving Loss and Surviving Loss: Suicide

Grief and loss encompass the death of a loved one, the loss of a beloved pet, the end of a significant relationship, and more. You will be gently and compassionately guided through the stages of grief to help you make deeper meaning of your loss while being restored to full functionality.

Healing Emotional Wounds

Self-criticism may arise from rejection, loneliness, loss, guilt, failure, or low self-esteem. Learn how to transform your inner critic into your biggest supporter.

Healthy Romantic Partnerships

Learn techniques to enhance shared meaning with your romantic partner, strengthen your friendship, and resolve problems even when you don't agree.

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Romantic relationships can be exciting, frustrating, loving and sometimes painful. Learn the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, as well as setting boundaries and communicating your needs in a relationship.

Managing Anger

Learn how to identify stressors, take necessary steps to remain calm, and handle tense situations in a constructive, positive manner.

Managing Overwhelming Emotions

Do your emotions ever get the best of you, getting in the way of your daily routines at school, work and home? Learn techniques to become more grounded in the present moment to feel calmer and move forward with your day.

Managing Stress

Gain skills to learn about the basic emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioral responses to stress and learn strategies to help manage them in the future.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Come and have a respite from your busy day. Have more day-to-day inner peace by learning to calm your mind and loosen the grip of difficult thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Come join this supportive workshop where you will learn how to relax and improve your ability to focus.

Overcoming Insomnia and Improving Sleep

Learn techniques to establish sleep-promoting behaviors, improve relaxation, reduce stress, and change negative thoughts about sleep.

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

In this workshop, you will learn about the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and be able to use this knowledge to challenge negative thinking in order to increase feelings of hope and optimism in your life.

Problem-Solving through Storytelling

This narrative-based workshop focuses on problem-solving and conflict resolution through deconstructing our stories, identifying the characters in our lives, confronting patterns, and finally creating lives that work for us!

Success Beyond Perfectionism

Do you criticize or judge yourself harshly after every mistake that you make? Is your desire to be perfect keeping you from being successful in your academic life and relationships? This group will help you to accept your flaws and shortcomings as a way to increase overall satisfaction with your life.

The Healthy Break-Up

Do you allow unhealthy or unsatisfying relationships to linger on? Do you ghost? Or break up by text? Do you stay because you are afraid to leave? Learn communication and self-support skills to help end unsatisfying or destructive relationships and move on!

Understanding Our Self-Esteem

What is self-esteem? Where does it come from, and how can one improve it? Come to this workshop if you would like to better understand the roots of self-esteem and learn skills for improving negative thoughts about yourself.

UndocU Support Group

A support group for undocumented students and those negatively affected by immigration policies. We tap into a shared sense of community and compassion while strengthening healthy coping strategies for emotions and other stressors.

Wholehearted Living

Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are. Engage with the world from a place of courage, compassion, and connection.    

Your Attachment Style and You

Learn about your own unique attachment style and effective strategies to maintain or regain a loss of self-identity in a relationship.