Senior Researchers:


Nancy Castillo, B.A.

Nancy Castillo joined the Media and Language lab in the summer of 2013. She initially joined the lab to help transcribe for a longitudinal study. In her time at the Media and Language lab she has participated in the Sound Effects project with her lab mate Jessica Angulo. She is currently working on her Masters in counseling at the California State University, Los Angeles, where she is specializing in school psychology. Her future goals include completing her Masters program in school psychology, as well as finding a job as a school psychologist. She believes that through her career she will provide families a strong foundation for them to advocate for their children.






CodyCody Weeks, B.A.

Cody Weeks is a second year Masters student and the current lab coordinator of the Media psychology lab at California State University, Los Angeles. In 2013, he graduated from CSULA with his B.A. in psychology. Cody has a clinical focus and is currently doing research on the intersection of substance use and social media. Through his research, he hopes to identify how social media posts of substance use impacts the consumers social norms and perceived offline usage of alcohol. Cody currently works as an intern at Creative Care, a dual diagnosis center in Malibu, California. In fall of 2016, Cody plans on applying to Ph.D programs in the area of Clinical and Counseling psychology, with an emphasis on substance use. In his free time, he enjoys running marathons, going to concerts, watching movies and spending time with friends and family. 






Claudia Mota, B.A.

Claudia Mota is a graduate student at California State University, Los Angeles. She became a research assistant in the Media and Language Lab in Spring 2014 and is now the coordinator. Claudia is currently involved in the Dual Language Project and the Child Home Media Project. Her masters' thesis involves the use of touch screen technology among toddlers and their parent-child interaction. She plans on applying to doctoral programs this year. Her hobbies include hiking, weight training, and playing video games.







DulceDulce Lopez, B.A.

Dulce Lopez Montiel is a graduate student at Cal State, Los Angeles. Currently working on her M.A. She obtained her B.A. from CSULA. Dulce has participated in various ongoing projects such as the Dual Language Project, which examined Spanish and English language development among second language learners. The Child Home Media Project which examines the relationship between Latino bilingual toddlers and young children's media use and their language development. Dulce is developing her thesis on adolescents' media use and academic achievement, currently working on the Adolescents' Self-report Study on Media Use, Academic Performance and School belonging. Her academic goals include continuing on to a doctoral program and combine her research experience with public policy and policy making. On her  leisure time she enjoys spending quality time with friends & family; swimming, hiking, playing volleyball, and trying out different cuisines.





Undergraduate Research Assistants:

D NDagmawit Negash

Dagmawit is an undergraduate student at Cal State, Los Angles and majoring in psychology. She joined media and language lab in fall 2015. She is interned to join the lab because she wants help graduate students, learn more about the research aspect of psychology. Her interest are working with students from low-income families as she seeks to become school based family counselor. In her free time, Dagmawit spend her time reading novels, watching movies, and spend quality time with friends and families. 






SigridSigrid Benitez, A.A.

Sigrid Benitez is currently an undergraduate student in the Department of Psychology at Cal State L.A. She joined the Media and Language Lab at the beginning of the Fall Quarter in 2015. She plans to continue her education by going onto a Masters program in Psychology, and a Ph.D. program in Social Psychology. She joined the lab to assist in current research studies; but also to learn the process of completing a research study in Psychology. She plans to achieve obtaining her Ph.D. so she can both become a professor and researcher in Social Psychology. During her free time, Sigrid enjoys painting, reading novels by her favorite writers, and collecting vinyl records.